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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Thx very much , i will send a letter and make update
  2. Hi all again, i had a fealing this will not be my last visite new letter came from new company , what you guys think?[ATTACH=CONFIG]60157[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]60158[/ATTACH]
  3. Thank you , i will update if any thing change .
  4. Hi , its me again with another letter , is this means anything serious? How to stop this?
  5. thank you very much for help in all situation, i guess is not over yet with CRS , i will keep update all info from them , thx again for all .what i will do without you .
  6. slick i went to bank today to check why is like this.what i discovered is on february they try to take payment but this payment bound back to them as i canceled DD and its look like 175 is correct now, sorry for incorrect info to you but i didn't know this to so we can take this case with bank as closed. and seriously , CRS ? nothing ? for how long they will be send this letters and texts to me ?
  7. Simply , this is the letter ... Btw, CRS - just ignore them? Really?
  8. Yes and now , as they told me they spoke with gym and gym and bank together decided when i left on august than one month notice ( paid ) have to be given on that therms , all is correct with money, i still waiting for letter from bank to see exactlly what happened as they mixt up badly all this situation, any advice about CRS?
  9. Right, i am back with details , bank paid me back 175 pounds based on my DD details and payments to the gym , what is look like 5 months money . Good enough for me , aparently gym make them lot of problems etc. and that what bank agread with gold gym. Moving forward from bank as they not easy to deal with to what i should do with CRS now as they still send letters and text messeges ?
  10. Lady on the phone dident explane me why is that with payments , i waiting for explenation letter from them , and i will call them to , to find out why is like that ... Will be back with answears . Thx for reply .
  11. Hello again, just find out after long fight with my bank have money for me , all 181 pounds , and look like two last payments r still pending , i try to find out what is going on with that , CRS keep sending me text and letters , what i should do next?
  12. Right, i will start the action tomorow than, what i will do without you ... Thx a lot .
  13. Btw . CRS keep send me text messeges ... To call them urgently .
  14. Right , story is strange , i just spoke with the bank(tsb) i told them all the story with my gym, and they will not pay the money back to me at all as they told me i broke the contract with the gym and they not be able to take the money back from them . Also they ask me why i cancel the DD in January if i wasn't using the gym from august. That was lot of questions ( why?) and seems all my answers to them was wrong .... Its look like gym , bank and crs try to rip me off all together ... Any advice ?
  15. Thx for replay once again, i will do it this week, i will call my bank and i will let all you know what is going on .
  16. just a quick update is over two weeks now when i send letter to gym - no response at all my best friends ( CRS ) call me over week ago , i said to them i don t want to talk to them ,then they send ma another letter last week some time , and text massage asking to call them back asap. do i should do any thing in that case ? another letter to gym? any advice ? thank you all.
  17. hi i had a same situation outside MC Donald on Gatwick airport, this is only a private company and they can do nothing! what i did i open a case with popla and i send them this. works on first occasion , penalty cancel after two weeks. this is letter i send to them, have look if will be good for you. please note where i say name of company you have to place name of parking company witch issued your ticket. and double check all details and amounts of money. removed - dx
  18. Thanks so much, i will be back soon as they reply , or i have any other info from any one of them. Really appreciate all help, will be back. have good day.
  19. i have it 1. the notice i am more than sure i give on JUL as i was packing up whole august and i know i will have no time for gym 2. every 01 of each month is my DD from account .
  20. thx a lot for all replays i move out from Wembley / London to Leagrave / Luton ( M1 junction 11 ) on 06 of September 2014 i give them notice of cancellation sometime around Jul/August 2014 more like Jul as i had no time to use the gym. monthly charges was 35 pounds per month. i need to check all my bank statements for exact date of DD.
  21. i was speak to the receptionist , as i was aware i cannot cancel my membership( now i now i was wrong ) and she told me she will place note in system as i will not be around by end of my 12 months contract as i told i moving away., she said its fine and she will do this , also i was never told i have to give written notice to them .
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