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  1. OK I will ask them. I also spoke to Lowell today who were absolutely no help in trying to resolve this situation. They said that they had passed the debt on to Fredricksons who in turn said it had been passed onto Bryan Carter. Also when speaking with Lowell the man said that he could not send any documentation about the debt but told me how it had been accrued and the extra debt on top of the original default fee. So regardless if they are a legit debt company, the way the manipulate things is very concerning hence the posts you have on here. If they have bought the original debt then it is the original debt that they should be requiring nothing more.
  2. im not sure to be honest. Alot of paperwork has come and gone recently so not sure
  3. So would I be able to set up an agreement with them before going to court for the £952 that I have been defaulted for, not the £1500 they are trying to get from me? I'd be willing to do that but nothing else
  4. Thank you Andy. I have a better understanding of it now. Tbh I cannot be bothered to go to court over a matter like this. I did state at the time I did not want any mediation what would happen now if I was looking to set up an agreement with them over the debt, but only for the original £952 default that was handed over to them?
  5. I have that letter there and another from the courts back in May saying they received my defence. I've another from Bryan Carter where they attatched the claim form that Lowell had sent to the courts. I cant find any other letters at present regarding this I not sure if I have those papers you are asking for they might have been thrown away. Going forward what can be done here in terms of this. I've been told about mediation what is that?
  6. Yes the debt is for Orange because they default amount is £952 but Lowell have added on extra costs. The only letters I got from Byran Carter saying that Lowell are going to take it to court and that they tried to get me to set up an agreement with them in their letter. Is there a away I can set up an agreement for the ORIGINAL £952 balance as the £1403 that Lowell are asking for is ridiculous MCOL website? What is that? and thanks for your help I dont fully understand what you are saying. I've already said that I received a form from the courts and sent it back. I just have the letter I was sent on the 11th June stating that I have to send back the N180 form back to the courts by the 29th June which I did. Like I said I sent that letter back and another one as well (not sure off the top of my head). Im not going to know all these things as Im not no legal eagle.
  7. I want solutions and advice in terms of the next steps that can be taken. Can I go directly back to orange and set up a agreement with them or set up an agreement for the ORIGINAL amount and not the £500 that Lowell have sneakily added on. And if a 2nd CCJ came it not as bad as the one I have with the funeral because that is a far more important debt but I just want to now what I can do before this court date and what viable options do I have
  8. N1 form? Claim Form? What are all these. I dont think I received these. I just sent back the forms I got from Northampton Crown Court and the courts. So they can put a defualt on your credit report for the same debt? and like I said what if I refuse to pay at all?
  9. This is not right as they have put a defualt in my name regarding this even though I have a defualt with Orange so they cant do that in terms of that. Plus I have had no agreement with them whatsoever nor do I intend to. So what happens if I just refuse to pay and ignore them completely? This was back in 2012 when this all happened
  10. Hi there I am brand new to this forum so I'm looking for advice in regards to a matter that I have currently ongoing. Back in 2012 after I had gone overseas for a funeral, by my own admission I had forgotten to turn off the data on my phone so this at the time ran the bill I had with orange up to nearly £700 at the time. At first orange were willing to comprise and set up an agreement to get my phone back up but after telling me that I would need to pay nearly £500 just to get my phone back on, I refused as I couldn't afford that at the time and it made no financial sense me an orange eventually parted ways and I never heard from them for the rest of 2012 apart from the disconnection letter. Then from 2013 to about the beginning of this year I received around 7/8 letter in total from what I can count that were in relation to this matter but from different debt companies such as BDO Collections and eventually on to Lowell. From around June this year though, Lowell have been trying to get this matter to court pursuing me for the debt. They sent me a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors saying they were looking to go to court over the matter and I replied back saying that because I have never had a debt with Lowell that they should not be pursuing me for this debt. Since then I got a letter from the Small Court Claim and Northampton Crown Court. I replied back to both letter saying I have never had a debt with Lowell directly and that I should not be going to court over a debt I am unaware of. Lowell have even gone to the lenghts of putting a default on my Credit Report (See Below), even though I have a default with Orange so it looks as if they are trying to give me a default on the same debt, which Im sure they cannot do. Other accounts LENDER BALANCEUPDATEDSTATUS Orange Brought To You By Ee £ 952 13/07/2015Default Nwb Current Accounts £ 0 05/07/2015Up to date Shop Direct Finance Company LTD £ 1,395 01/07/2015Up to date O2 Uk Limited £ 0 01/07/2015Up to date Lowell £ 1,403 21/06/2015Default Now I have received a letter this week saying that I have a hearing on the 8th October at County Court at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, The Priory Courts. I am here for some advice in terms of what to do. I have been looking on numurous forums such as these and it seems what Lowell are doing is illegal in terms of trying to enforce a debt with people when the debt is not with them directly. Is there any good advice that you can give me in terms of going forward. Ideally I dont want to pay Lowell at all and think they are pretty much con artists when it comes to this. I have been told about mediation as well. Also will they be able to apply for an AOE from me if this goes all the way. I only thought that would apply in Child support cases and cases with a bank etc. I look forward to hearing your responses. Kind Regards in Advance.
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