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  1. Yes, everything was returned. I heard they couldn't charge the security costs fee but I wasn't sure about the "Value of goods stolen" part. Like I said, the letters I've seen posted here usually don't list an amount there but hers does. I wasn't sure if that made it a more complicated matter or something? I would love to just ignore this but it's kind of scary.
  2. Hi all. I've done numerous google searches about this and I keep getting led back to this forum so I hope someone can offer me a bit of advice? Basically my mum got banned for shoplifting in Sainsburys. Now we have a letter from DWF (which I was expecting because I started googling as soon as she told me what had happened) and their breakdown is as follows: Value of goods stolen: £35.15 Value of goods damaged: £0.00 Value of cash stolen: £0.00 Security costs: £150.00 Amount now due: £185.15 From reading the other posts on here, I know that most of the time people are advised to ignore these letters or write back denying liability. My concern is the "Value of goods stolen" part. All of the other letters I've seen have "£0.00" written there but hers doesn't. Should I still go the ignore/deny liability route or do I need to do something else? (PS. I am handling this for her as she is really not capable.)
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