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  1. Hi citizen, Its in Salford in Manchester,about a mile from the city centre. Theres already a hotel on the site and there is car parking space for around 20 cars for guests.With the new proposed plans they will be demolishing the hotel that is already there(3 floors) and changing it into a 6 storey hotel with 60 rooms. They will also be building 2 more hotels right next to it,one will be 32 bedroom(3 floors) and the other hotel will be 11 floors and that will be 90 bedrooms.There will be a total of 182 rooms .All 3 hotels will all be on the same plot of land and surrounded by f
  2. As the title says,a proposed plan has been put forward to build and revamp an existing hotel, there will be 3 hotels with a total of 182 bedrooms.Looking at the proposed plans it looks like there is car parking space for just 20 cars at the most. Does anyone know if,by law,they have to provide a certain amount of car park spaces or does it not matter(by law) if they only have a few spaces for guests. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.Many thanks indeed. Penny Lane1960
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