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  1. Hi Slick, I have spoken to a number of sources who have now confirmed that I still have the right to cancel and I have been down to the gym and signed my cancellation forms to activate my COP and kept a receipt on my side which clearly states reason for leaving as "cooling off period 14 days". I have been advised that the cancellation should be confirmed by an email and any monies that were due to be taken should be cancelled however should this not be the case then to get back in touch with them to ensure everything goes to plan. Should the company renege on this (even though I have paperwork signed by them) then I will obviously take the matter further and be requesting some more of your help slick if that's is okay? Many Thanks
  2. Hello Slick132, I was looking at a question you answered for a member regarding xercise4less and was hoping you may be able to assist me also? I recently signed up to this gym after recommendation by a friend, initially contacting via email which then turned into a day pass followed by a barrage of calls from sales members asking me to come in for a "chat" Eventually they persuaded me to join however I had some doubts as I asked for my agreement only to be told this would be sent via email. I made the initial payment however did not receive any information and when queried the gym blamed a system error and my details however sent me a few emails. I decided after a few days this was not for me after being involved in a heated, almost physical altercation with another member of the gym. I have asked politely to leave but they are telling me as I signed in the gym I "waived all rights to a cool off period" and "any privilege to leave has been removed from me" and are trying to insist I stay even going as far as to bar the member who was involved in the fracas which in turn left me no choice but to play middle men between the two gyms as they decided on the person's fate (Without him ever knowing) I have spent hours on the phone to countless branches and staff who all say they understand my situation and can help me then ultimately say they cant and to speak to the next person up (who is conveniently never available) and now I am growing frustrated that they are trying to delay and stall me into a corner so I cannot request to leave. I can 100% guarantee I was never made aware of the no cooling off period otherwise I would never have signed. If possible could you advise on my next steps in order to protect myself and still get the desired outcome as currently I am in need of any guidance I can get. Initially I signed up on Friday 24th July and I made it clear I was unhappy on the proceeding Monday via email (which received no response) and in person on Wednesday which was when I was informed of my rights by the receptionist (which they have conveniently forgotten about now). I have sent out numerous emails to supposed managers and even an area manager with no real response. Please accept my apologies if this is not the correct way to go about seeking advice I am just extremely desperate for some help. Many Thanks
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