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  1. Hi ya. Thanks for your reply. I was going to pay the 'fine' tomorow, but I think I will hold off for a while. I would post a photo of the sign, but how do I do this? Silly question but I cannot seem to find how to upload any photos to this thread.
  2. Hello everyone. I just wanted to update you all on my appeal against a parking ticket isued to me for not having brought a parking ticket at Matalins in Stevenage. My appeal to POPLA has been unsuccessful and I now have to pay the £80. In my appeal I did say that I thought this amount was disproportionate to the one hour that I did not pay for but that argument was not upheld. I guess the wording of my argument was not good enough. The fact that I did shop there and buy goods at tht store has been acknowledged, but the letter states that it is for me to uphold the terms and conditions of th
  3. Many thanks for your reply. I have submitted my reply to POPLA today. I have said that the charges are not proportionate and are extortionate to the amount of time that I was there. However, when I looked at the signage again it did say that users of Matalan's will receive a full refund when spending a minimum of £5.00. It does not say that I had to purchase a ticket first. The full t&c are too small to read. I could have used this when I first challenged the ticket. It's all a bit late now I suppose. This whole episode has really stressed me out. It is now getting to the point that it
  4. And I forgot to say, that this parking was always free to Matalan customers in the past.
  5. Hi everyone Sorry but the above information is not quite correct. I am in the process of appealling to POPLA for my PCN. I parked at Matalan on the Sunday 28/06/15 (not the 26th), my PCN letter is dated Tuesday 07/07/15 and the letter stating that my appeal is not upheld and that I have the right to appeal to POPLA is dated the 28/07/15. Thanks
  6. Hi ya. Sorry for not replying sooner but I have been a bit busy. I parked in Mataln at 26/06/15 and my recipt show the time of purchase as 12.42. The PCN letter is dated the 07/0715.
  7. Many thanks for your replies. I will be studying the links and templates that you have all suggested. I will probably appeal to popla, I had only parked for an hour and £50 is excessive.
  8. Kinda what I was expecting tbh, thanks for your reply though.
  9. Hello everyone, I would very much like some advice please as to what I should now do. I parked in Matalan Stevenage recently and did not pay for a parking ticking as I thought that the parking was free for shoppers in Matalan. I spent just over an hour there and brought some goods. I later received a PCN in the post to which I have appealed, sending in my receipt as proof of purchases. This has been rejected on the grounds that the terms and conditions apply to all motorists at this site. The letter said that I can appeal to POPLA and I have been given a code to use. The letter does not stat
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