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  1. Thanks Ericsbrother, so write to the legal folk saying this, or CPPlus?
  2. Evening, Just home from a wee break, and have received the attached in the post. As we have already established from Harrogate council, they have no record of CPPlus having planning permission for their signage. I've not heard back from the Council re this, when I brought it to their attention. What would the best course of action be now? Is it worth highlighting the lack of planning permission to these legal people? How long can these things rumble on for? We're almost at 12 months! Thanks again. JMW Legal Letter June 2016.pdf
  3. thank you. I have just had a response from the council saying "have not found any applications from CPPlus".
  4. Hello - what is lba? I'm sure I've seen a list of acronyms on here, but can't find it now.
  5. Morning, Another letter from CPPlus over the weekend - see attached. Do we still do nothing? Its starting feel like a game of chicken - see who cracks first! No response yet from my enquiry to Harrogate Council re does CPPlus have planning approval for their signage. CPP April 2016.pdf
  6. Looks like Moto do have planning permission for their signage, as I found the attached on their local council website. But, am I right in thinking they don't have permission for illuminated signage, and given it was dark, the signs were not readable? However, returning to comments made by Silverfox earlier, the driver was a technophobe at the time of the alleged offence and did not have a mobile phone to pay. 08_01645_ADV _ Display of 32 various signs as part of signage scheme.pdf 06174126.pdf
  7. Morning, unfortunately we have received a letter from POPLA this morning, we have lost our appeal - please see attached letter. Do we have to pay up now, or wait for the next letter? POPLA 18 March 2016.pdf
  8. Personal details now removed and re-attached Evening - some 5 months on, we have a letter from POPLAicon, referring to parkingeyeicon-Vs-Beavis???? and asking for us to send information to them. However, we send everything to them on 9th October, Recorded Delivery, so they already have everything! (Hopefully) attached is the letter they have sent - can you please advise what we do now? I think after 5 months, they have a cheek asking for further information! Thanks in advance POPLA - March 2016 Page 2.pdf POPLA - March 2016 Page 1.pdf
  9. Morning, I have attached the evidence that we have been sent. I don't recognise the signage, it could be anywhere, as I don't actually see it says Wetherby. The letter is from Moto, not the landowner. So do we now write to POPLA saying we have received their evidence pack, and dispute the evidence on the grounds that the letter is from Moto and not the landowner. And furthermore ask them to prove that this signage is specifically from Wetherby? Thanks again
  10. Thanks Silverfox, so we do nothing meantime, and wait to hear from them again?
  11. Morning, I'm slightly confused now? Further to POPLA writing to us (letter dated 2nd Sept) saying that things were being passed onto the Ombudsman, we received another letter from POPLA, saying that an Appeal had been opened, reference number supplied. Then on 17th September POPLA wrote again to say that some information was missing, and asked us to complete a form. Form completed and returned on 19th September (bit of a rush, but I was going into hospital for surgery and didn't know how long I would be in for and didn't want to miss the 28 day window) Today, we've received an Evidence Checklist, copies of photographs of signage, witness statement from moto, copies of our letters to CPP, but it doesn't say who it is from, or what we are supposed to do with it? No contact phone numbers or details of any one to ask. If Ombudsman has taken over, why are letters on POPLA letterhead? Even at this stage, would CPPlus accept a nominal payment, just to make this all go away? Any idea what we are supposed to do now?
  12. I guess time will tell. I'll update the thread as and when I know more.
  13. Morning - for info - letter received this morning from POPLA - details have now been passed to Ombudsman Services Limited who will be in touch after 14th September, to advise what needs to be done to register appeal. They say they have copied their letter to CP Plus Limited.
  14. Thanks for quick and detailed resposne, will use your guidance above and keep you posted
  15. On 26th June we parked in Wetherby Services, arriving at 0153hrs and left at 0456hrs. We genuinely didn't see the signs regarding parking regulations, 2 hours free parking etc. It was dark, we were on unfamiliar territory, the driver and passenger were both very tired. We received a Charge Notice dated 6th July, with photographic evidence of us arriving and leaving. Charge is £60 if paid within 14 days, or £100 thereafter. On 9th July, we wrote to them, saying that the registered keeper did not believe that CP Plus had the authority to make contracts and demand monies in their own names. Posted Special Delivery. Letter dated 23rd July received on 27th, saying amount outstanding now £100. In payment not received within 14 days an initial debt recovery charge will be incurred. Letter dated 27th July, received today (30th) acknowledging and rejected our appeal, and providing us POPLA code. We now have another 14 days from date of letter to pay the £60, or thereafter £100. We understand that we exceeded the 2 free hours, but £60 seems excessive, given that we were parked in a designated space, and there was plenty other spaces free for others to park if needed. We didn't actually intend to stay as long as we did, but having driven for 5 hours and encountered numerous road closures and diversions, we fell asleep for longer than planned. We did use the toilets at Wetherby, although didn't buy anything in the shops given the time of day. Where do we go from here? Is there a template letter? Or is it a case of writing to them, outlining that we genuinely didn't see the parking restriction signs and appealing to their better natures, based on the fact that the driver stopped in the interests of road safety, as his passenger has cancer and needed to rest. All true. Todays letter gives us the POPLA code and web address to contact, also says if we prefer to correspond by post to contact their appeals office and they will send the necessary paperwork. Is it best to correspond by post, rather than electronically? Hope someone can assist, even if it is just to say "stump up".
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