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  1. The standard of moderation on the forum is poor. For examples, there is an ongoing problem over on the employment forum where some contributors are overly negative and on occasion even insulting to OPs, but this goes virtually unchecked. I too have had issues with sabresheep and silverfox, one couldn’t accept that they had made an incorrect post and got caught up in an argument on a post they were actively contributing to, and the other one blindly jumped to defend a fellow site team member and refused to look at a complaint. The most important thing a moderator can offer is moderation, so having moderator access to a forum which that person is actively contributing to is a non-starter. People with moderator access need to be properly trained and be able to take criticism. Please remember why the forum exists CAG, its for the OPs!
  2. Sorry for the delay, I pointed out an incorrect statement Sablesheep made in a previous thread and they went in and deleted some of my posts and changed my access. It probably would have been better if your lawyer had advised you to push harder for 10 days to negotiate the offer (I believe your employer would have given you them if pushed), just so that you avoid being in a situation where you feel you could have done more, but the problem is that I don’t think you have lost out by not having the extra time, as the 3 months pay you were given is above the statutory entitlement and would likely cover any overtime worked. You’re right, you wouldn’t need to prove you ‘failed’ to negotiate the10 days, or prove a negative in other words, and standard of proof is different from burden of proof, but you can’t action this ACAS guideline on a standalone basis. I wouldn’t hold out much hope of the Legal Ombudsman helping you reach a satisfactory conclusion to your complaint. Steampowered’s advice is good, you can only claim unfair dismissal with less than 2 years service in certain circumstances, e.g. discrimination, so you would have to show that there was something discriminatory about the redundancy. I feel sorry for you, you’ve been treated badly by your employer, and the 3 months money you received is fairly common in banking, not a big windfall as some people believe, but in legal terms I think there is little you can do unless you were discriminated against. I’m not sure that I’ll have time to post again to this thread, but best of luck.
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