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  1. Hi unclebulgaria67... This is actually what Thomas Cook have said. They will only refund for the days we did not spend in the hotel. This I believe is unfair, as when we were told emergency flights were being sent to collect us, at no point did they say we would not get our money back. Due to the circumstances, I feel that Thomas Cook could give some consideration to the matter and refund us through courtesy. Why I say this is because all Thomsons customers in the same situation recieved a full refund or free amendments. It's just so unfair. Over £1000 pounds paid, for a 2 day holiday!! I have also spoken to my travel insurance and they have informed me that they do not cover terrorism, therefore I feel stuck as to where to turn next, I do not want to accept that I will not get my full money back, and neither do I want the pittance they are offering me in vouchers! I am thinking of going through the small claims court but who knows how far I'll get and what charges it will incur...
  2. Thank you citizenB... Your help is much appreciated. Can you please send me the links so I can get to the forum and Twitter page too. I'm new to CAG, so I'm unsure how to use it properly. Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you SabreSheep, you're a star! I did try, but wasnt sure how to do it! My apologies for the term i used also. My last paragraph states what it is i am looking for... Thanks for your help
  4. On the 24th June 2015, I was part of a group of 17 family members that went on holiday through Thomas Cook to Tunisia Unfortunately, during our time in Tunisia the ISIS terrorist attack took place, which meant our holiday was cut short and we had to return home early. We had only enjoyed 2 days in Tunisia; and we returned home on the third day (28th June). On the morning of the 28th of June we were informed that due to the terror attack taking place, Thomas Cook would be sending out 10 rescue flights for UK tourists to return home. As we feared for our safety, and felt our lives were at risk; we decided the best thing to do would be to catch one of the rescue flights home. As mentioned earlier, we were a group of 17 people, however it must be noted that 10 of the group were in fact children that we had a responsibility for. Therefore, as well as keeping ourselves safe, we felt that it was imperative that we put the safety of our children first and return home at the earliest opportunity. Our holiday had been ruined; but we were confident that Thomas Cook would look after us, and compensate us for the experience we suffered. However, much to our disappointment, Thomas Cook contacted me on the 17th July 2015 and informed me that they would not be paying any compensation; but instead, were offering a ‘good will gesture’ which meant we would only be getting money back for the days we did not spend in our accommodation. My original holiday booking for 2 adults, and 3 children totalled £1527.96p. Yet Thomas Cook have offered me £436.56 back, (wait for it…) ‘in travel vouchers’, (and the best yet…) that need to be used by July 2016! Thomas Cook customer relations have told me that there is nothing I can do to appeal against this decision, and under no circumstances would they be offering the insult of £436.56 back in cash either. The most the lady could advise was for me to contact ABTA (which I have and have had no joy). I kindly told the lady from customer relations that I would not be accepting there so called ‘good will gesture’ of holiday vouchers, and simply told her that I would take this matter as far as possible until Thomas Cook offer me a full refund in cash; or at least in holiday vouchers so I can book another holiday for my family! The worst thing is that following the terror attack at the museum in Tunis in March, we as a family decided we no longer wanted to fly to Tunisia as we felt that our safety was under major threat. After researching the Government web site, it advised that if we were concerned about threats of terrorism in a country we would be visiting, we should seek advice from our Travel Operator, which we did. We expressed our concerns to Thomas Cook who did not show any concern or thought for our safety. We were told that the Foreign Travel Office had not advised against travel to Tunisia, and any amendments to holiday bookings done free of charge would be at the Tour Operators discretion. Although this was the case, our travel agents contacted Thomas Cook’s Head Office who clearly stated that we could not change our holiday free of charge. We were strongly advised that if we wanted to make amendments to our travel arrangements, we would have to pay a minimum of £150 per head, and we were told that this cost could total up to £500 per person depending on what changes needed to be made. For this reason, we felt as though we were being forced to go to a country wrapped up in terrorism as we simply couldn’t afford to pay amendment charges for 17 people. This was still the case after strongly emphasising our views and concerns as to why we did not want to travel to Tunisia.For this reason we feel that Thomas Cook did not act responsibly and that our health and safety was disregarded. Thomas Cook and the Foreign Office were aware of the high risk of terrorist attacks within Tunisia and still chose to send British tourists over there, resulting in 30 British Citizens losing their lives. Those same people that lost their lives may well have been in my same position, but like us were forced into a holiday they no longer wanted to partake in! I feel nothing but let down by Thomas Cook. They have in no way done us any justice as customers and in fact have robbed me of over £1000 pounds for a 2 day holiday to Tunisia that was cut short due to circumstances out of my control. Had Thomas Cook considered our fears in the first place, we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in now. Furthermore, Thomas Cook could have given some consideration to the matter and at least offered another holiday for the same price we paid, if they do not want to give us a cash refund. How can they justify not compensating us, yet those people that were not in Tunisia at the time, but had a holiday booked to go there, have been offered a full refund, or a chance to amend their holidays free of charge, due to the Foreign Travel Office advising against travel two weeks after our holiday. Surely if the Foreign Travel Office have deemed Tunisia as too dangerous to visit following the events, then that must justify our decision to return home from our holiday early through fear of our safety!! What I am trying to do, is attract as many people as possible that are currently in the same situation as me. On the day we returned home, there were hundreds of people at the airport that were also returning home early due to fear for their safety. It would be useful if I could round up these people by bringing this issue to media attention, and maybe… just maybe… Thomas COOK (Potentially Defamatory remark edited - SS) will pull their fingers out and refund us our money that they have TAKEN I’m sure Thomas Cook profit by millions each year, so why not offer us compensation when they can clearly afford to do so. If anyone has any advice, or can signpost me to someone or somewhere that can help, please please do so. I refuse to accept this lying down!
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