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  1. OK, Long time no action... Returned defense which was submitted on time. Received a pack on Friday with the court date, (set as my local court) on the 10th of November 2015, this contained a statement from the solicitors, statements from my card use, copies of letters from solicitors to me.It also contained a copy the initial agreement signed by me, however unlike my original copy the top is very dark and you cannot see the text "joint & several liability". It also contains a copy of Thompson V London, Midland & Scottish Railway, court of appeal documentation 14 May 1929.
  2. HI, Received a response from Brachers today, the letter states that they acknowledge my request, and will be contacting Amex to obtain the information. Still nothing back from Amex directly. What is my next step i need to submit a response by the 16th. Any help greatly appreciated. KR Polymath
  3. Hi, The card had my name with company name underneath, and was marked corporate card. It was used for all related expenditure connected with business, this was settled directly by company to amex on receipt of completed claims forms, any other 'personal' expenditure was settled directly by me. KR Polymath
  4. Hi, I acked the claim on Friday, and have since carried out all the other instructions and sent via registered signed for the other letters to the claimant and solicitor. Thanks again for all your help P0lymath
  5. Name of the Claimant ? - American Express Services Europe LTD Date of issue – 15 July 2015 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Money due for charge card services supplied (card number ending xx) to and at the Defendants request as detailed in monthly statements rendered culminating 12 September 2014 plus statutory interest pursuant to S69 County courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum. Sum due at 12 September 2014 4137.9 less credit 0.00 Statutory interest 12 September to date at 8% per annum 277.51 The claiment claims the sum of 4415.41 plus continui
  6. Hi, Looking for a little advice on how to proceed,I I have received a CC claim form from Amex\Brachers regarding an outstanding balance on my former Amex Corp Card. I got made redundant in January 2014, before leaving the company I submitted my remaining expenses to the company for payment (The company paid Amex dues directly). I calculated my personal expenditure approx £2500 and paid this directly to Amex in February 2014 and I received my redundancy payment at the end of February.2014. In March I received a letter for late payment charges on an outstanding balanc
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