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  1. Just to let you know that so far I have not had any more email/phone calls regarding the Dubai debt since my reply. Searching through all my old records I cannot find anything related to it. The worst of it is that I cannot remember owing money to the bank. I suppose that is why the statute limitation law exists.
  2. Out of the blue I had a call from a Dubai phone number claiming to be from a company claiming to represent the bank Emirates NBD. As I had never heard of either organisation, I gave them an email address to contact me. The email from the company called Fintrestle came telling me that I owed £2300 on a credit card account. My time in Dubai finished in 2001 and I honestly cannot remember the credit card account which was probably related to a UAE company that I was a director which was closed in 2002. I wrote back to them asking for full details of the debt. Our bank was Emirates Bank for
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