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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if you can help. On 29/08/2015 I apparently entered some kind of toll road in London that's subject to this Dart Charge. It wasn't very clear to me at the time so I literally had no idea about it. They sent me a letter dated 16/12/2015 explaining that I needed to pay a PCN, which was £70, or £35 if paid within 14 days. The only problem is that they sent it to my old address (which to be honest is entirely my fault as it seems I haven't updated the DVLA. The only reason I have the letter is that the person living in my old house knows where I work and dropped it off yesterday) To be honest I'm expecting to just have to suck it up, but before I pay I was wondering if anyone has any success appealing?
  2. Thanks for your advice. The link in that thread just takes me to the normal Vodafone home page, and if I click the contact us link on there, there is nowhere for me to enter a reference number. Any idea where I'm going wrong? Also yesterday I used a form to contact the CEO, am I best off waiting for his reply, rather than send it to them twice?
  3. Good Evening, I'm not sure whether I should be posting this in the debt section or this one so I would be grateful if someone could direct me.. Basically in 2011 my girlfriend took out a contract phone with Vodafone. The phone was for her then boyfriend, and he agreed to pay for it (although it was in her name). She has recently found out that it hasn't been paid for all this time, and the debt has been passed onto a debt collection agency, at the sum of £2480. The timeline according to Vodafone is this: 25th July 2011 - Contract taken out 11th August 2011 - First direct debit cancelled 14th August 2011 - Payment missed 16th August 2011 - Account has gone into "collections" 15th March 2015 - Account passed onto debt collection agency for £2480 Now we totally understand that as the account was in her name, so she is liable for the balance, but what we can't understand is how Vodafone have allowed it to get this far. I spoke to a Vodafone customer service rep who informed me that after a missed payment, the customer is contacted via text message and post to inform them. For some reason this did not happen (Vodafone looked through their records and confirmed that no letter had been sent regarding this account between 26th July 2011 and January 2014 (and that was just a marketing letter). They also informed me that after 3-4 months of missed payments, the account is suspended, and then passed onto a debt collection agency. For some reason this also did not happen, they simply allowed the payments to mount up over 4 years. All this time she was under the impression that her ex-boyfriend was paying it as she had no evidence to the contrary, and to be honest she simply forgot about it since it all seemed in order. Had she have known she would have cancelled it in 2013 when the contract expired (Vodafone also confirmed that it hasn't actually been used since 2013), and we'd only be looking at a payment of half this amount. Do we have a legitimate complaint about the fact that Vodafone didn't inform her at all that she owed them money? Or for the fact that the contract hasn't been in use since 2013? Thanks for any advice you can give. *just to clarify, she hasn't moved house or anything, and Vodafone have actually confirmed they didn't send any letters
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