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  1. Hi, I have just registered here after hearing about the Regress thingy! I also stupidly took out a loan around 2011 for around £100, they took over £180 out of a new bank account I held, this was around January 2013 , I called them today on their new redress number and someone told me I wasn't eligible for anything even though I didn't give them my new bank details! I called their customer services number and someone helped me straight away, they still had old emails from me stating that I did not authorise them to take money from my new bank account in 2013, I have JUST received over £180 back and they have closed my account , I believe this was because they took the money out of a new bank account I held and I did not give them the new bank details, I was stupid and registered my details on their 3rd party websites! Good luck, keep going!
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