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  1. Hi all. Update from today's disciplinary: I was fired for gross misconduct. The management were satisfied with my statement and the fact that I returned the money and offered before the disciplinary meeting. They suggested I seek help with my problems and that I shall receive my right to appeal letter and final notice through the post. As for civil recovery, they said the risk team will decide whether to pursue with them. However, as the money has been returned it is unlikely. I want to thank you all for your support. The last few days have been incredibly stressful and you have all managed to keep me level headed and given me great advice. As a token of my appreciation I shall make a donation to the forum. Thanks once again to all that helped. Best wishes, K.
  2. I have received my letter inviting me to the disciplinary meeting on Thursday. It says, 'the allegations are serious and if found true may lead to summary dismissal'. Will that be as far as it goes? I know I will have to return the stolen money, but if the letter says summary dismissal may happen is that all that can happen? Can the employer still contact the police and have me arrested for theft. I also asked how I can return the money and the person conducting the meeting today said it would be discussed at the disciplinary.
  3. Update. Went for my investigative meeting and done everything you all suggested. I have a disciplinary on Thursday with the regional manager. I presume it will be an instant dismissal and since it's the regional manager, the police will likely be called. However, I dont know yet. Civil recovery in Scotland can be done through the courts or privately. I am praying for the latter. Should I ask for a trade union representative?
  4. I am talking to NDL Scotland, hopefully they can really help me. A letter of apology? I am really panicking now. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I plan on returning the money through deductions from my last wage and hoping they listen to my pleads. I shall update you tomorrow.
  6. The investigation is on Tuesday and I presume the disciplinary will be the Friday. Shall I offer to return the money on Tuesday? Will I be arrested. That is all I am worried about.
  7. There is a CCTV camera beside the place it took place. I am unsure whether it would have caught the act/
  8. Would £200 be considered a sizable amount for a large supermarket chain?
  9. If I don't attend the investigative meeting will that not force them to involve the police?
  10. I leave on Friday for another job which is why I am worried if this situation will affect it. I am going to beg them to allow me to pay it back.
  11. All they have are allegations to conduct an investigation. I presume they will use CCTV as proof, but they may be relying on me to confess.
  12. Thank you. I am in severe debt and it was a moment of madness. It is my first time in 6 years of working that I have ever done something so low.
  13. I stole £200 pounds worth of money from my work. I have an investigative meeting on Tuesday and am at a loss over what to do. I know I am in the wrong and I am aware that the company uses civil recovery to recover any loss from theft. However, will they have me arrested and charged or take me to court. I can't afford even a caution against my name due to my future career. Please help, I haven't slept a wink since I was given the letter and suspended for gross misconduct. Thanks.
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