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  1. Hello, I'm having hard time with a mobile mechanic service. I booked an appointment for a non-starting corsa via a popular online service and was given a timeslot between 8am and 10am for the mechanic to come. I provided my phone number and debit card details while booking the appointment online. At the day of the appointment I stayed home instead of going to work wating for the mechanic. I waited in my appartment, which is on the 3rd floor in a block of flats. No one calls me and at 9:28am I received a text message from them that the mechanic has been waiting on the address since 9:05am and that they give me 5 minutes or the mechanic will have to leave. I start calling and am not able to get in contact until 9:50am when I'm told that unfortunately the mechanic has left and I will have to make another appointment. I am charged for the appointment £46.80 and receive an email proposing another appointment. They insist that the mechanic tried calling me which never did, I tried calling instead. They also say the mechanic tried buzzing which might be true, and the buzzer is probably not working properly, but still they never tried calling me like they insist. I complained on the webite's resolution center and they refuse to refund insisting the mechanic was there and tried buzzing and calling me. All the evidence they've uploaded is a screenshot of the text message from the mechanic's phone with the date and time. I have a screenshot from my phone showing my call details. I'm waiting for the case to be escalated via their resolution center. What can I do in case they refuse to refund ? This looks like sc@m to me.
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