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  1. Thanks Silverfox. No need to apologise, you are the only who tried to help. I really appreciate your support. When you say "formal written complaint" are you talking just about normal (I man paper) letter that I can write myself? Or something that I would put together with my solicitor? And does it have to go to: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN (address on their website) or somewhere else? Thanks mate.
  2. So the bill has just arrived... No refund... And yet another extra charge... Are you people stupid or what??
  3. It's that time of a month when the new bill gets generated for me. If it will have yet another charge for Spotify and no refund for all of the past months I will not just sue Vodafone (which I'm already discussing with my solicitor), but I will double the claim as well!!!!!
  4. Mate, it's been a while. What's taking you so long? Any updates? p.s. some dude named DaveCD just replied to my email via Vodafone, but his response doesn't make any sense and is almost irrelevant to the problem I have described in here. CAN I PLEASE GET A DECENT RESPONSE FROM SOMEONE???
  5. Will I be able to reply you if you'll PM me first? I would write you what I want to edit Thanks mate
  6. Thanks silverfox1961, you're a good person. Appreciate your help. Btw, is there a way to edit my previous post? I cannot see the option, but I see few typos that I'd like to correct.
  7. Still no email from Vodafone with the reference number. And yes, I have checked my SPAM folder too. The link to Vodafone contact form is also not working anymore. Tried to PM that Lee guy directly via this forum, but apparently I need to make at least 30 posts on the forum before I can PM someone (who created this rule at all???). Can someone with 30 posts or more who has the ability to PM people just send a link to this thread to Lee??? p.s. it is easy to find him in here. He has responded to quite a few threads which you can find just by typing "vodafone" in the search bar. THANKS. And sorry if I seem a bit rude. I have nothing against anyone in here. It's just the fact that Vodafone is totally terrible. I can't even understand how any provider can be that bad...
  8. Thanks. Form submitted. Waiting for the email with reference number. And I am being 100% serious. It is not about getting a refund of £50 and having Spotify Premium removed from my future bills. Well it was before... But not anymore. I will definitely SUE Vodafone for wasting HOURS of my time, for putting me through all this distress, for giving me headaches (I will get doctor's confirmation if needed too), for taking my money, for leaving me with no signal, etc. I want a DECENT (and probably HUGE) compensation. If they don't want to get a deal settled in a friendly way then we will fight. And I will win... Trust me. I am travelling abroad now and have no roaming, just because my line is suspended again. That is beyond everything. Terrible. I will not tolerate this level of p*ss taking. Vodafone have not just disrespected me, they have INSULTED me. Big time. And if they will dare to screw my credit score then they will be even in bigger trouble. Got in touch with their CS again, well I had to get my roaming working. The guy advised me to call 191... Well HOW? I have no roaming remember? Also they said that I have to pay full amount of 130 and that eventually I should get my 50 back. Yeah, like I believe that. If I pay 130 now, then they owe me 60, not 50 as Spotify is on my current bill again. Also they have added late payment fee of 4 which I will not be paying as well... I hate them soooooo much.
  9. Hello. First time using this website, so please forgive me if I will fail to follow any rules you might have. So long story short is as follows (I will try to cut it down as much as I can, will skip most of the dates as well). Signed up for Pay Monthly with Vodafone in April 2014. Spotify Premium (online music service, not managed by Vodafone) was supposed to be included in my subscription plan FREE of charge. After a couple of months I've noticed that my bill is £10 too large (FYI - that is the exact price for Spotify Premium). Thought that there might have been a mistake and that Vodafone will find it by themselves and that next month my bill will be adjusted. Sadly that didn't happen. Waited for another month - same result. Contacted their Customer Services. They admitted their fault, apologised and promised that next month on my bill I will see a refund for what I have overpaid and that all further charges will exclude Spotify Premium payment. Once again to my great disappointment the next bill came with no refund and with Spotify still included. So yet another £10 taken from me. Let me skip forward by about 6 months now. I'll just say that I was getting in touch with their Customer Services almost every month and each time I was getting the same promise - that next month I will get refund and all further bills will have no sign of Spotify ever again. Unfortunately the reality was that with each month the amount that they have taken from me was just increasing and increasing... Then finally in February 2015 I was able to get some sort of resolution. This lady in their CS or billing department assured that I will get £80 refund (the amount they were due at the time) and even assured me that I will get a compensation that I've asked for which was another £50 (I know, I should have asked for more, but whatever). So my next bill came and it was quite confusing. There were multiple lines with really odd figures, but if my amateur calculations were correct - I was credited for an amount of about £130. This of course could have been a happy (well sort off) ending for my story. But guess what - £10 payment for Spotify was still on my new bill. So I've just waited for another 5 months until they have taken £50 from me. And my monthly plan is £50 as well. I thought that since we're now sort off even I can just go and disable my direct debit. Well to be honest that was an advice from someone who in some way knows mobile phone market from the inside... Of course when my payment was due I've received a warning from Vodafone that if I will not pay then my line will get suspended. So I've called them (they never call you, trust me and we'll get to that later on). I was quite serious about my further actions. Just told them that if they will not refund me and if they will not fix my billing then I will just cancel my contract. The girl apologised and told me that she will talk to someone more senior on the team and they will get back in touch with me. She has also assured me that my line WILL NOT be suspended. They have never called me (surprise surprise). And after few days my line got suspended. I guess you understand that I have lost quite a few incoming calls that I was expecting as people were not able to reach me. Also I was not able to make calls which has caused even more damages to me. So I've called their support again. They have re-enabled my service and assured me that some manager will call me in the next few days. They never did... I've just kept on waiting. For about 2 weeks. In that time their systems were harassing me in all possible ways. I was getting text messages warning me that I must pay them. Then one day someone from their billing team called me to ask why I am not paying. She was not even aware that I have a case open and that it's them who should pay me and not the other way around. So that was the only time someone called me from Vodafone. After speaking to this lady she also assured me that her boss will call me and that my case will be resolved. Well nobody has called me again. So I have called them again on the 15th of July... This time I've heard some really interesting news. Apparently their billing system was not ready for providing customers with any FREE extra's and that for the last 1,5 year they have lost a lot of customers who cancelled their contracts due to wrong bills. How cool is that??? She also told me that their systems are now fixed and that she will remove Spotify charge from all my future bills. This time it will definitely happen. )) You might wonder why they haven't just fixed my bill automatically without me even calling them, but I guess that would be too much to ask. She has also promised me that I will see a refund of £50 that they have taken from me since February. And I've also asked for a compensation for all the time lost on the phone with them, for the inconveniences caused having my line disabled and for all sorts of distress I've experienced in the last 1,5 years. She promised me that her manager will call me by the EOB 16th July. You can probably guess what I will say next... LOL. No one has contacted me and then my new bill came. In this bill I am being charged not just my normal service charge of £50. But there is also a charge of £10 for Spotify Premium. There is no refund of £50 that they have promised. And they are charging me an interest of around £4,5 for being late to pay my last month's bill. Ain't that funny???? So. My question is quite simple. Can I sue them? Believe me I don't want to just get a refund or cancel my contract. I also want a decent compensation for my time that they have wasted on these endless conversations with their billing team. For all other inconveniences that they have caused me. For all the distress that I have been through. And also an interest on the amount of my money that they have been holding for all this time. Sorry for a long read. And hope someone can help me. p.s. despite the fact that my next payment is due on 28th of July (if I’d be willing to pay the current bill of £130) they have suspended my line again just now. p.s. if you want to take this case one step further - I am happy to put my signature on it. You can make a claim for as much as you want and when Vodafone will pay you - you'll share with me. )) I mean if you are some kind of lawyer. ) p.s. p.s. PLEASE DON’T TELL ME TO CONTACT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES AGAIN… ))
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