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  1. He's not saying that, Estellyn. He's saying because in his own head he feels he's such a great graphic designer that he shouldn't have to subject himself to min wage jobs. But it would seem the paying public have disagreed. So he'd rather stay on the dole living in a fantasy world, than facing the reality he just wasn't good enough, and found some other career to make money from. That sort of self denial could last a life-time, yet you feel it's wrong to try and prick the bubble? Meanwhile people are going to ATOS talking about "anxiety" and aren't being believed....
  2. I know! I'm tempted to do that. But wouldn't that technically be considered benefit fraud? There doesn't seem to be any fair correlation of money paid in to the system and monies taken out. I could have 2 then 3, then 4, then 5 kids all the while sitting on my fat ass claiming ESA because obesity is now a disability, etc. But, I'd rather just go to work even if it's min wage for my own personal self respect. Thanks for the advice Trebormoinet, and you are sadly correct that I'll probably lose money in the first month even taking this job, but I have to do it for my own sense of self
  3. Thanks numbers666 - I hadn't thought of a season ticket actually. I'll look into it. I've got an Oyster card (with about 3 negative balance lol) but figured that would still be the cheapest daily option - I might get sacked on the first day! I haven't worked in nearly 2 years so confidence is a bit of an issue for me. Hand on my heart, for what it's worth, everything I've said is 100% the facts as it stands. But I don't think the local press would give a toss - I'm a "healthy" "white" "single man" - no reason not to be working. Having read some of the horror stories on here, I'm the last
  4. Thanks for your answer, I'm not sure you'd really be comfortable getting into a philosophical debate about the EU and free movement of labour, and as you seem to have the power (rather like the JCP to delete, edit or close anything that displeases you) I'll just make the point that if you allow potentially - not sure of actual size of EU demographic) nearly 300 million skilled and semi-skilled (mostly) young adults with no families entrance into the UK job market then there's always going to be trouble! It's a supply and demand economy anywhere in the world. If you buy a £20 Easyjet
  5. It's looking like my only option to be honest. I guess I'll just have to do two days super hard graft to show I'm a good 'un, then hit them with the request to borrow a third of my wages "on tick" till the end of the month. Doesn't look good, but hell I've got no other choice. Okay, thanks for responding.
  6. thanks but this is my whole point - I'm not on speaking terms with my family. My friends are in the same boat as me financially, and my credit rating is so bad after a DRO back in 2013 that I'm only allowed a child's bank account. I guess it's just one of those things then. No help because no answer - surely this is one of those times where the job centre should actually REALLY help rather than look to punish? Oh well, looks like I'll just have to stay on the dole and become a professional moaner! thanks to all who tried to help.
  7. thanks honeybee, sorry. I read back what I just wrote and can understand how it might come off as a bit judgmental - that wasn't my intention. I was just excited at finding a job and now really ffing irritated that I can't afford to get to it! Meanwhile so many posts on this forum seem to be from certain very intelligent people, who are clearly in receipt of benefit and not rich or retired yet, getting very judgmental about any government help that's offered! I don't get that! People like that "could" belittle themselves to do a min wage job but clearly choose not to! Anyway, sorry,
  8. I haven't done the work programme, lucky I was just under the time on the dole to be referred. It sounds terrible! Isn't it a real incentive to actually get a job though if it's that bad? I mean, spending 30+ fighting the system and complaining with legislative examples to frustrate their every move - that sounds like a full-time job in itself! I'm confused about how if you are smart enough to play the system and know your rights in law so well, why you don't just get a min wage job like me, despite having about 10 letters after my name through study, and at least spend 30+ hours a week
  9. thanks for the answers guys, but unfortunately none are any good. In answer to the posts - 1. The job is minimum wage and although I'm grateful for it, there's thousands of people who could do it as well as me - it's not very cool to turn up on the first day as an unknown quantity and immediately ask for a loan. 2. I asked to speak to a manager - they said the same thing - no help available as I haven't been unemployed long enough to be subjected to their work house programme. So no travel fares for me. 3. I agree it is a silly situation. My MP is a Tory, even if I contacted th
  10. Hey, I'm hoping I can get some advice here for my problem. I finally got a job this week after a few years grabbing my ankles for Mr David Cameron at the Sanction Centre! It starts on Monday, and I've got exactly £9.30 in my bank till my final JSA comes through on Wednesday. The job is monthly salaried. My train fare will be £12 a day 6 days a week, (maybe actually a bit less on the Saturday as that'll be Off-Peak travel) but e'en so, even if find a way to borrow Monday and Tuesday's fare, then I can't afford to pay that for the next 5 weeks until I first get paid! I signed on
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