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  1. It appears to be well known that for councils in Australia, it is illegal to charge rates, yet they do it anyway & evict people & sell their property to pay for any unpaid rates. Our rates have risen in the last 20 years or so from $300,00 to $1,000,00. It is virtually impossible for us to become self-reliant whilst we still have to pay these rates. We are completely off grid, with no services being provided. We have not signed any contract with the council to provide any services. However, we certainly can not afford to fight this in court. Does anyone know of any legal means to avoid paying these illegal rates/taxes without any repercussions? Is there any chance that the "WIRRAL COUNCIL – ADMITS THAT COUNCIL TAX IS UNLAWFUL AND SETS A LEGAL PRECEDENT" http://australiansurvivalandpreppers.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/wirral-council-admits-that-council-tax_23.html will be of any help in this regard? Thank you. Sincerely, Keith H.
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