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  1. It was his own company he was the only employee, which is why the court advised to sue him rather than the co. This is not the reason the judge refused the claim at all. I wrote on here to see if anyone had any idea of the procedure of this circumstance, obviously I called the CAB first and foremost, the day after the court hearing, and its out of their jurisdiction to advise, apart from to get a solicitor......... Writing on here was a last resort. Peoplle will either know the answer, or they won't.
  2. Good day to you Uncle Bulgaria. The original cost/value of the laptop was £325.00. A similar one today would be ave £399.00. Same make and same specs @ 5 core. The quote to repair the damage done by the computer repairman (Greg) alone was approx £135.00 (I can't remember the exact price with pence, the quote was sent to the court, my copy is at my parents house, I will know for sure tomorrow). The damage to the hinge was such that it was completely off and the mechanisms inside were on full view with a few bits incl a small spring-type-thing hanging out, it was possible to see through the laptop from from to back, the whole of the lid was wonky and laptop could not be opened more than 2 inches when he brought it back. As the proper 25 years shop establish repairman (Volts UK) stated the whole back was to be realigned and part of the back replaced because of Greg's severe tampering. Previous quotes from Greg were £70.00 to fix the screen, and then £110.00 to fix screen and hinges after he'd had it for a while. That was supposed to be a "special deal". At that time the laptop was 11 months old, it had been used only a matter of around 7 weeks as that's when the screen was broken. The judge did not give a reason for why the judgement went against me, nor any inclination. She re-read the points of both sides, as such, said "Um" and then said "I going to give it to the repairman". Just to note: Many small-but-important things I said in the court APPEARED to be ignored too, whereas some of the same from Greg where taken notice of without proof ~ examples are that he said he didn't receive the last lost of information from me, although I asked him - as we are supposed to keep in touch about that - and refused to reply, and he mentioned his company feedback was great (actually ex-company as his company that used was not a company anymore as he was part of another previously made company, oddly he stated I should have sued his previous company and not him personally) eventhough it was not checked by the judge, I had looked up the new company feedback online and only saw 3, my previous one was not on there anymore at all. I claimed for the sum of the quote and the £25.00 court fee. Thank You.
  3. I really need advice please: I went to court end last month: Last yr laptop repairman took my laptop to quote on repairing broken screen, brought back the next day with much damage to hinge area etc, he denied it so I took him to court. There he admitted fault, but I lost the case. All my evidence was correct, half of which I sent to court was lost by court including quote I obtained, judge had no idea about costs of repairing computers, many court mistakes especially including the fact I lost the case. I asked for appeal, it was denied by same judge. Now I need to solve this, so far all I have is vague suggestion to write letter of complaint to said court, or solicitors @ £500.00 per consultation alone. Thanks for all you can do. Sorry it's rather urgent due to court complaint policy.
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