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  1. No proof. It doesnt look good does it? hahaha. oh well, I suppose I'll have to pay them. Thanks though Slick for taking the time out to look at my post. MrE
  2. That's were my problem is Slick. I do not have any proof as I am self employed I work wherever work takes me and I have been working as security at events such as the formula E any various events staying in a caravan to eat sleep and clean etc..
  3. Hi Slick, Thanks for the welcome and the quick response. 1. When you signed up. 6th Jan 2015 2. When you spoke the the manager. sometime in March back end I think 3. When you cancelled the DD mandate. It was a friends bank account not mine so I did not cancel it he did and I am sure it was either end of March beginning of April 4. The date the DD was taken each month. 1st DD Date was 5th Feb 2015 If you told the manager you were going to be working away, did he ask you to provide any evidence of this. No, I said I would need to cancel as I was moving away and h
  4. Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I joined a gym (I know you've seen plenty of these) called Helio fitness which I lasted 2 months after that I decided I did not want to continue the membership. I went into the gym and spoke with the manager and told him I was going to be working away and that I could not continue with the membership. After a few months past I recieved an email from Harland CRS to say I owed £354 or round about that number (I filed the letter). After I explained to Harland by phone they told me they would get back to me. They did by quoting the contract agree
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