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  1. Hi Thank you for your advice, I am going to send a LBA to Barclaycard. I only have a couple more questions. How have people argued in the past with using s32 limitation act 1980 (mistake in paying late fees). As I have seen this in other threads being brought up by the credit card companies How can I justify compound interest, as it make my claim 2k :0) again I’ve seen this in another thread brought up by the credit card people. And how have people put a case together for court to claim charges over 6 years. Thanks in advance j
  2. hi this is my first post . I have successfully claim back ppi on an old Barclaycard in May 2015 when I was going through these old statements, I found I had been charged late fees which go beyond the 6 year rule. After doing some research on here I found out about the s32 limitation act 1980. I sent a letter quoting this part of the act and how I felt it applied to me. Barclaycard did reply but didn't acknowledge this act and said the £12 charges reflect their cost and if I want to continue this complaint I should go to financial ombudsman service. However all the charges
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