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  1. Ok update for you all here, it took me nearly 5 months and countless hours to sort this but after getting involved here I am pleased to say that Lee and his team have wiped all charges. The system works! Dont give up friends and keep fighting the good fight!
  2. They are trying to get my to speak with them on the phone but I am saying only on email as I want proof of conversation. Still no reply as yet
  3. Lee and the team contacted me and asked me to tell them what the problem was, they didnt even read the bloody post!
  4. Thanks all, will hopefully get sorted. I would rather punch myself in the face than part with cash thou! haha
  5. Thank you! Yes I suspected as much, I just wish I could ring one person and that one person would sort everything out rather than take me on a tour across the world of all their call centres with no resolve!
  6. WRT135 [#10949986] Hi all, First time poster here. I dont even quite know where to begin, I am so beyond frustrated with Vodafone that Im damaging my laptop as I bash the keys writing this! My problems all began when I did an early upgrade with the now defunct Phones4U. I currently had a Vodafone number and my prerequisite in doing an upgrade was that I had to keep my old phone number as it was for business. They got everything started and then told me the process of porting my Vodafone number onto my new Vodafone contract. They told me it was quite frankly a
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