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  1. SAR Request sent on 01/08/15 (signed for) I have received the attached letter today 12/08/15, for information I included my past 2 addresses and proof of current address (CTax Bill). Can anyone advise of my next steps please. Thanks NCB
  2. Hi dx, If you check my initial list there are several different ones, HSBC, UCB, GE, etc So what do I look for once everything arrives? Statement with PPI taken, is it as simple as seeing it listed in the T & Cs or something a little more subtle? NCB
  3. 5 SARs in the post, should cover a minimum of 7 accounts and likely up to 9 Lets see what comes back. NCB
  4. I sure will dx, good advice as usual NCB
  5. I have been registered at this adress 2 1/2 years and previous was 5+ years. I suspect the 09 stuff coming off soon will sort everything out for me. I am happy to let it all ride until I have my PPI stuff resolved. If I can pick up some PPI cash then I can look to pay off the previous debts, but I am not even sure I will continue the token payments, there seems little point and no way they can be enforced. I need to go back through all my stuff, but for now will let it sit.
  6. The only entries that are not 100% are due to fall off (6 years) in the next few months. Both are current account overdraft charges in 2009. Do you guys realistically think those push the score down that far? I do know that I have now got a credit card which will 'show' good money management and cost me nothing. I am happy with my move. NCB
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]58672[/ATTACH] Hi dx, this is my noddle, thought it could do with some help NCB
  8. Thanks maroondevo52, I am getting a little confused with 2x GE addresses, Ge Capital & GE Money look similar but seem to have lots of different companies listed and several different adresses. I am using - Data Protection Public Register - ico.org.uk/esdwebpages/search - to look for the correct address and it is very helpful for the most part GE MONEY gets the following result: Total Records found 10 GE MONEY CONSUMER LENDING LTD GE MONEY FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD GE MONEY HOME FINANCE LTD GE MONEY HOME LENDING LIMITED GE MONEY LENDING SOLUTIONS LTD GE MONEY
  9. That's what I was thinking maroondevo52, I will set up a D/D for full payment and use the card on occasion instead of cash (my preffered method - imagine that???) NCB
  10. Tesco, may as well get some more points. dx I was under the impression that having a bit more action on my credit file would be a good idea. Currently I have a phone only. All paid so score looking ok. NCB
  11. So having taken some advice here and done a lot of reading, I checked out my credit score too. I have decided to build it up a bit by getting a Credit Card, £4k balance instantly on line - WOW!!! So that will push it up over the next few months as I head to the mortgage advisor next. The old debts can sit and stew for all I care, 6 years has passed, I will continue the token payments as they do not worry me and I will wait until I get my PPI (see separate thread - can't link until I have 10 posts ) going and decide what to do. I am booked in with a mortgage advisor next week
  12. Excellent, I will run some SARs out next week. Once I get all the info I will need some help on exactly what to look for, but I am sure you guys have plenty of experience. Thanks all so far NCB
  13. What do I do if I don't have the account details to hand?
  14. Hi All, I am going in for the PPI fight, I will track my progress and hopefully successful outcomes here. I have had loads of loans and Credit Cards over the years, in fact so many that I can't remember them all, I have written a list and will try put them in some order for SARs and then hopefully get some advice from you guys as to which to go after 1st. I am doubtful how many will come up as being mis sold though as I recall saying no to protection insurance on most occasions, but you never know. My List: Mortgages Natwest Norwich & Peterborough UCB Intelli
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