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  1. Thank you for your reply, the whole issue is very frustrating and because I have not seen sight of any paperwork I am not too sure of the particulars of claim, However I have spoken to Natwest who have informed me that the Account being paid by my debt management company was only 1 of 4 accounts, they issued CCJs for all of these debts 13 years ago? Also please correct if I am wrong but if the other 3 accounts have not been paid or acknowledged then they are statute barred? I have completed a N244 form today and paid the extortionate £255 to get this thing removed, Natwest seemed very vague about the whole thing like they did not know how they got to the figure and why it was even done, they said it was because I own a property but I don't own any properties at all I rent and have done since 2003, the whole saga is so frustrating and is making me very anxious. The court said it was a new claim issued in May 2016 but of course it went to my old address that I moved away from over 10 years ago, how can they claim for the same thing twice?
  2. Thank you for your reply, How do I get the information from Money village about my account, creditors, starting balances and payments made?
  3. Hi Its money village used to be called spectrum financial
  4. I have a debt management company dealing with it they have done for the past 13 years, no payments missed surely the debt management company would of advised them of my new address. I am jus wondering why after all this time they want to re-issue, thank you for your help.
  5. I have just spoken to the court Natwest re-issued the claim on 20th May 2016 but sent all of the paperwork to my old address that I lived in 10 years ago, also they have not taken into consideration any of the payments I have made, because I do not live there anymore I have not had sight of any paperwork, why would they do this?
  6. Thank you for your reply. The CCJ is showing as 16th June 6 on my Noddle account, can they re register it at all? I have never seen any paperwork
  7. I am hoping somebody can help me, I have just checked my credit report and I noticed a large CCJ registered in mid June of this year also registered at an address I lived at more than 10 years ago. There was a CCJ registered in my name and address correctly in mid 2003 from Natwest Bank, due to divorce I entered into a DMP in 2003 and have been paying off this debt regularly for the past 13 years, approx 60% of the original debt has now been paid off, why has this debt been re registered? I am hoping to apply for a mortgage later this year and this will be catastrophic for me , the CCJ is still showing the original amount owed, is there anyway I can get this removed? Thank you in advance. I did not receive any paperwork, or notification that it was going to be re-registered.
  8. Hi dodgeball, Yes this was on an on road sighting, on a mobile camera, I paid the fine in 2 instalments of £40 but the 2nd payment was 9 days late as I was waiting to be paid as I am self employed and was paid late, The bailiff told me the funds were court costs to execute a warrant but he refused to show me any paperwork other than a compute printout from Marstons? I also genuinely did not receive any letter that it had been passed to Marstons, the previous owner of my house was sadly in financial difficulty and when we first moved in we had several bailiff letters either received in the post or posted through the door by hand, but Marstons just want me to pay £325 without even showing me the documentation to which they rely on.
  9. Thank you in advance for any help, I will try and keep this as quick and factual as possible, my wife received a fine for no car tax, genuine mistake when the new system came into place, paper discs to online we missed the tax on one of our cars, and in the meantime moved house and did not get the reminder, our fault, genuine mistake. We had a fine come through the post so I paid and backdated the tax, set up new reminder for new address etc etc, I appealed against the fine for reasons listed above but lost my appeal, I paid the fine of £80 in 2 instalments 2 days apart on the 15th Nov 2015….at 6.30 am I had a knock on the door this morning from a rude gent element from a company called Marstons who is charging me £325 for non -payment of fines as he said the last payment was made 9 days late! and the matter had already escalated to the court!!! As I was due to go to work and I have a 5 month old baby and a 4 years old in my house , I paid it but I what I want to know is: Can I get the money back and from who? What is the process? I never received a 7 day letter or anything at all from Marstons even though the bailiff said it was sent, I asked him to provide a copy to which he said he did not have to, is this correct? surely if you are relying on something you must be able to shoe it, or proof of delivery? He only had a copy of a printout from his company is this correct?He threatened to knock on my neighbours door is this lawful? He even offered to fight me in the garden, is this legal? He said he could take goods straight away is this legal and made out to phone some enforcement truck to take my stuff away immediately, is this legal? Can I request a copy of his mobile video recorder ( camera) pinned to his jacket to which he told me everything was being recorded? He even showed me on his iPad the dates and time so of the 2 payment I made so I really do not know what the hell he was trying to collect? I understand the maximum i should of paid was £75 is this correct? I admit the fine was slightly late but £325 out of the blue, surely this cannot be right? Thank you.
  10. Yes sorry you are correct, witness statement is correct, I have not looked at any other threads, to be honest I am a bit of an IT dinosaur and struggle at the best of times, I did not want to make any mistakes in relation the correct wording of the statement, do you know of any threads that could perhaps supple a template that is specific to this type of witness statement?
  11. Hi Andyorch I hope you are well, I have to submit my defence to Bryan carter solicitors and to the court on or before the 12th November and wanted your help in sending the correct information. I have not received an original or copy of my signed credit agreement despite sending 2 requests by recorded delivery and enclosing a postal order for £1. Bryan Carter did send me a blank generic application form used by Welcome with no details on it at all! Please may I have your advice regarding submission of a defence for not supplying the original agreement. thank you in advance.
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