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  1. I would love to reply to them with your quote. lol
  2. At last a reply from POPLA, as can be seen below. DecisionSuccessful Assessor NameGemma Edmed Assessor summary of operator case The operator’s case is that the vehicle registered Yxx xxx parked at Beckton Gateway Retail Park and was not correctly within the markings of a bay or space. Assessor summary of your case The appellant’s case is that he was not the driver at the time of the alleged parking incident. The motorbike was being driven by a potential purchaser and he was unaware that the driver had visited the car park. He also states that the amount on the Notice to Keeper d
  3. Just was wondering how long it takes when you appeal to POPLA, it's been since 12/11/15 and still not heard anything. When I log in to the POPLA site. It says processing. But it's been like that since that date. Regards Pete
  4. Thanks for that. Looks like you have had a lot of practice with this.
  5. I have just found this on the POPLA site: What is keeper liability? In a case where no party has identified themselves or been identified as the driver, the parking operator is able to pursue the keeper of the vehicle, in certain circumstances, based on the regulations set out in section 56 and schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. Providing required conditions are met, the creditor has the right to recover any unpaid parking charges from the keeper of the vehicle if, within a specified period, the keeper refuses or is unable to name the driver at the time the parking
  6. So do I log in with the POPLA code, then see what they are asking for. Then post on this site first before I post to the POPLA site? Also what happens if I just ignor it now?
  7. Also, what about the 35 days? I have redacted further. The POPLA code is correct. Should I go to appeal on the POPLA website, and submit all my evidence? inc. pictures of their signage showing mistakes? as never done this before. Regards
  8. I just received this letter today, which is well over the 35 days as mentioned. They received my appeal on the 4th Sept. 2015. What should I do now, as they seemed to have missed the point totally. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uc5qp6dfqe9az3w/20151022_144612.jpg?dl=0 Regards Pete
  9. Well I still have not had any further correspondence since their last letter. I posted my appeal on the 1st September 2015, so more than the 35 days. Can someone tell me what happens now please? Regards Pete
  10. Just received this letter from UKPC. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzg7m0kufvrpn33/2015-09-21%2009.57.56.jpg?dl=0 No sign of a POPLA code. Regards Pete
  11. Should I not mention anything at this stage, about the fact that the ticket is for £100 and the sign was for £90? Regards Pete
  12. Thanks for info, so if I appeal saying that I was correctly parked, will I get another chance to ask for the legislation? and POPLA code. Regards Pete
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