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  1. Thank you all for your welcomed assistance. Please based on what I have said, I'm I on the right tracks please? I can see from Hoist that they are stating DN issued on the 07/2010?????
  2. dx, it was a typo and if you review it I changed it. it is late and I have a swipe keyboard, so some words may be inserted in error.
  3. no I drew no funds out. the bank statement states arrangement of 100.00 was put in place from sept 2009 and but 100.00 paid in in 10/09 and taken out 10/2009, surely that is not right. Money would have to taken by overdraft arrangement and not allowed to be withdrawn????
  4. Bank stated money was down in 2010 t0 900.00, but bank statements do not lie, it clearly reads 1500.00
  5. where they have stated that there was an arrangement in place, banks statements show otherwise, I was paying in money as per usual but nothing was being taken out.
  6. okay I have documents dating back to 1997, but I think that I may be staying too much
  7. shall I explain the background to the courts in my w/s and then provide all documents that I have? no worries ford... to be honest..it sounds crazy. that they are chasing this now. so no worries. thank you for you help
  8. they stated limit was reduced to 900.00 by may 2010, I have original statement this is not true state stating 1500.00 at that time.
  9. some were credit from 3rd refunding money into the account. I cancelled all DD payments by 12/08. there was money paid in at the local branch, which they are claiming was the arrangement payment but it was also taken out a few days later...How? if for arrangement paid and no funds in since 12/08/.
  10. bank stated the I stopped crediting money in 12/08. I agree because I did however, they state arrangement in place, but I never paid a penny into the account further in 2009, how could an arrangement paid be paid in and allowed to be cashed out? when account would be in collections... .most defo a banking error and statements supporting this. I hope it is clearer oh dear, what can I do? anything at all?
  11. so sorry, they gave me notice of reduction in07/08. I finally stooped using account in 12/08 however bank statements shows payments in 2009. from 3rd parties and one direct debt and two payment paid into account. last payment on the 11/09
  12. Hoist have come back with signatory of bank account in 1997, that had no overdraft and statement staying a few payments in 2009. but Santander have confirmed in writing that I did not credit account after dec 2008. Morning Ford, well in July 2008, official off September 2008. bank stated that there were arrangements in place, but statements show different. they... sent notice the reduction from 1900.00 to 1000.00 by 1st of September 2008, but took it all by end of August with no notice. I appealed but got no response. dx, I have had sars from Bank and j
  13. I have to file courts papers on party & court on the 19th. Nothing for the longest, Just heard back from court on the 22.march giving me 28 days for parties to file documents for court case.
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