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  1. Hi


    I hope somebody can help as I'm stressed :(


    I was given full legal aid for a trial in Aug 2010...


    In July 2012 a letter arrived at our home addressed to me from a company called rossendales ltd asking for £8000 towards my legal fees

    they were recovering a dept i had never been notified about..


    My wife took advice from CAB to write back stating i did not live at this address we heard nothing back...


    I was released from prison in august 2013 so near 23 months ago and 35 months since my wife wrote back to rossendales..


    Then out of the blue yesterday i get a letter stating i need to pay ...


    Help please as i don't have 8k

    i am working on min hours and min wages

    my wife is unable to work due to ill health

    we just can't afford anything..

    we have sold anything of value just to live..


    I called them tonight only to be told that if i don't pay within 7 days

    then they would goto court and i would have to pay the fees and intrest @ 6%...


    The letter states " Notice of intention to enforce" ...



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