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  1. Hi I contacted the solicitor today.. Basically he said two choices pay before 23rd nov and all dropped or it goes to court and the charge will stand ...
  2. Ok thanks is it ok to contact the solicitor over the phone or not as if it comes to it I will have to go to court to fight my side and see if I can setup a payment plan ...
  3. Thanks Andy I have got a letter from the land registry in the letter today from them it's a B136(co) Application to register a restriction So had this decision been made or had it got to be made in court on the 23rd Nov ? I have a sheet which says interim charging order n86 The application will be heard at 2 pm on 23rd November 2015 at the county court when a judge will decide whether the charge created by this order should continue ( with or without modification) or should be discharged .
  4. Hi Thanks for that so is it a CCJ as I may have to borrow £3000 as I can only get £5000 now and the CCJ will stop me borrowing to pay it off ... Do you know if I have to go to court to make the payment as I only have the letter shown and a address for the solicitor ..
  5. Ok thank you That's me not sleeping tonight worried about this again Jason
  6. Ok so rosendales are out of it now ? What do I need to do as I have not been to work worrying about this all afternoon, I have contacted some family and I can basically get over £5000 by the end of the week .., Is the order of recovery a CCJ ? As I have never had bad dept and really didn't want this just wanted the answers ?
  7. Hi all Well time has flown the last i heard about this was start of August when i put a complaint to rosendales about the way they acted, i got a letter back saying they would investigate my complaint. That was it nothing since.. Until today when a Order for recovery of award was issued.. It states that on 23rd nov the court has been booked for hearing .. What happens next ?? Please help Jason
  8. Does anyone know if they take it to court for a charge to be put on my property will I be notified officially first and be able to attend court to defend or is it done behind closed doors and the first I know is paperwork saying I don't own my house fully anymore ?
  9. According to rossendales i should have had a letter from the court which i never got, then they say that they act on behalf of the legal aid agency to sort and collect payment, they also state i had 28 days to dispute the dept but when the first letter left their office i was half way through a prison sentence which made it almost impossible to repy...
  10. I will call again they just seem like they don't want to know but i will try ...
  11. I have sent the same letter i sent rossendales and also called legal aid but they said i have to communicate with rossendales ..
  12. Hi all had a reply today what do you think is next as you can see they refuse to stop chasing ... Thanks
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