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  1. I am posting on behalf of my auntie who is disabled. She is currently in a private rented house that has very steep stairs upto the bathroom and down to the kitchen. A lot of the time she has to ask family members to help with aid as she cannot move around a lot due to considerable pain she in. She is on a bidding system with Leeds council but has been a long process and has not gotten anywhere with it. I am distrusted by the way she has been treated left almost to bid every week is effecting her mental health and has no support saying she is in a house so isn't in dire need of rehousing. Not only that there has been robberies in the area, she had an attempted break in and now she fears living in her home she doesn't leave the house. Not to boast but my auntie is a genuinely lovely person and she doesn't deserve to live like this I just wish she could have the right help to be happy and live comfortably.

  2. In ordinary courts and tribunals they are usually used to see if there is a case to answer and whether either side has evidence to support what they say so you may be asked to provide medical evidence by a future date and the other side asked to produce paperwork to show they have followed the correct procedures, answered your formal requests etc. They may also want to determine if they are the proper person to judge the case as most things around the Equalities Act need judges who have been assessed themselves to hear the case. These are generally less formal and quicker than a full hearing taking about half an hour instead of an allotted day.


    The DWP haven't sent in their evidence for their side. I have sent in a lot of evidence from medical professionals. Do you know what the next steps would be please.

  3. I think you may have to provide a little background and what point you are at in the process...you refer to an appeal ?








    Hello Andy,

    I am waiting for a tribunal date to appeal against the DWP for PIP unfit for work for long term Mental Health. I have much supporting evidence from GPs, Hospital records and therapists with a range of support including CAB officer to represent my case. He said the DWP have not provided evidence on their side of the case as of yet. I don't understand what this means.

  4. I received a letter about PIP benefits saying the Judge has decided that a directions hearing should take place on the appeal. They will look at the case and make directions as to what action should be taken by the parties involved before the case can proceed further or be listed as a full hearing.


    Please can someone explain to me in simple terms what this is all about, the outcome possibilities and any personal experiences, thank you

  5. I suffer with depression and social anxiety. I attended the appointment with my sister. I am on antidepressants a high dose, on beta blockers and waiting for CBT. I have suffered since a child and only started getting help in the last few years. I scored 0 on everything. How has this happened. We did record the interview knowing last time the interviewer lied about how I answered questions. I sorry for being blunt but feel like giving up on life with no hope everyday is so hard and this is just another worry. What am I meant to do, appealing is such a long stressful process and I don't think I could cope going through that again. It is so belittling. This is messing with my mental health. Please tell me what to do.

  6. From Citazens advice


    Can you get help with travel costs to the face-to-face assessment?


    The assessment provider will pay your travel costs if you attend a face-to-face assessment. When they send you the appointment, they will also include a travel expenses claim form. After you have attended, you can return the form in the envelope provided.

    You can also claim travel expenses for a companion or carer, and for young children who would otherwise be left alone.

    Travel expenses include public transport fares or travel by private car. In some circumstances, if you get approval in advance from the assessment provider, you can also claim for taxi fares.

    Travel expenses can include costs such as parking, tolls and congestion charges, but they must be for the journey to or from the assessment.

    You can't claim travel expenses before you attend the assessment. You can't claim other costs such as meals or loss of earnings.



    Did you get permission to use a taxi?

    They may have just sent enough to cover the public transport fee

    I filled out the form from reception with recipts for the taxis. I was told on the phone I could get a taxi and claim expenses if I need to so I did. They did just refund me for a bus I think. Absolutely disgraceful. I had to go with someone and not public transport because of my illness.

  7. I got my refund of £5 for milage when I had to get a taxi due to my illness. All recipts were sent.


    Is this half cut refund a sign saying I have failed the Atos Medical?


    Do I bother chasing up the rest of the money owed and if yes how do I do this?


    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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