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  1. Even though I explained in advance by phone and writing to the court that I could not attend due to being down South at a funeral on that day. What are my options?
  2. I have taken my personal info off (Blacked out) What else needs removing? Sorry, hopefully this will be suitable DUNFERMLINE SHERIFF COURT 11 NOVEMBER 2015 3.pdf
  3. Hopefully attached DUNFERMLINE SHERIFF COURT 11 NOVEMBER 2015 2.pdf
  4. They should do as I sent them proof of payment for the last 2 payments of £200. I must admit that the last payment I sent to them, the court did come back with an e mail asking what the payment was relating to so I had to explain and give them the case number again. How can I upload the last correspondence I received before today?
  5. I received a letter from the court with the outcome of the hearing. I can upload it for you to view?
  6. The time order was granted and I received a letter from the court stating that they would reconvene on the 3rd February to allow defender to commence payments, which I have done per my application heard in November.
  7. Excuse me! I could NOT attend the hearing as I was not in Scotland due to a family member passing!
  8. I have always been given good advice by yourself regarding Moneybarn and wondered if you can help me again? I last spoke to you back in November time regarding a Time Order which I was granted. I sent a written letter to the court in December to update them on my situation as a hearing was set on the 3rd Feb (which I could not attend) stating that I had just returned to work and that I would offer £200 a month for Jan, Feb & March and then I would look at repaying a larger amount to compensate the arrears. The hearing went ahead but I have not heard anything until today when I was given (hand delivered) a Extract Decree stating: The Sheriff Ordained the defender to deliver to the pursuer Ford xxxxx moto vehicle Registration xxxxxxxxxxx chassis number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx together with the keys, registration documents and service history therefor and that within 5 days of intimation upon the defender of this extract; failing delivery as aforesaid, Granted warrant to officers of court to search for and take possession of said motor vehicle, keys registration documents and service history and to deliver them to the pursuers, and to that end to open shut lockfast places; THIS EXTRACT IS WARRANT FOR THE LAWFUL EXECUTION HEREON Firstly, I made payment to Moneybarn of £200 in January and February and was meant to pay the £200 today. I spoke to the litigation team in January to get their bank details so that I could make payment and again at the end of February and nothing was mentioned then about what had happened in Court. This seems to have only now come to light since I emailed Moneybarn on Monday to say that I would be making a payment by the end of the week. It seems like they forgot to send me this document I received today and because of my contact, this has reminded them? What are my options? should i just give in and give the car back within 5 days? is it 5 working days or 5 days? 5 Days is not a long time at all and I can't be without a vehicle! Really do appreciate your opinion before I ring the court to ask?
  9. They would want at least £700 a month which I cannot afford. This is probably a stupid question so forgive me upfront if i come across as dim.. Would they consider me returning this car and look at an alternative cheaper model with a new cheaper agreement?
  10. Hi refernece above... I wrote to the court who advised me that they could not move the date forward again and that I would have to speak to Brodies solicitors directly. I have done this and received a very cold e mail stating that hearing is going ahead on 11th November and seek legal advice if I cannot attend. There is no 'if' I can attend. It's 'I CANNOT' attend as I am not in the country. I do need my car as I cannot work without it. I do not need this particular car but a car in general. Once this car goes, i wont be able to get another car on finance and certainly cannot afford to buy one, not even a banger so I'm pretty much stuffed. Even the hearing going ahead on the 11th, I cannot arrange for the car to go back until I return to Scotland anyway! I really do not know what else to do!..
  11. Hi there, I wrote to the court as mentioned above and explained that I need to a continuation until end of November as I am back at home due to illness in the family. I received a lovely e mail saying that they would be in touch. I received a further e mail asking for time frames, which I replied again, only to receive an e mail back saying they have postponed until, 11th November! I have gone back and explained that I cannot attend then as I will not be in Scotland per both my e mails explaining time frames in depth and they have replied pretty much saying 'tough' and get a Solocitor to represent you! This is exactly the stress and upset I was trying to avoid and now I'm back to square one! I can't get a Solicitor as I'm not there to meet with one prior. Surely, it should not be that difficult to move it forward a few weeks? Especially when they know my situation and time frames???? I'm so upset by this and I need to be focuses get on my father and not this.
  12. Hi all. I have just spoken to the court regarding Wednesday's hearing. Firstly, I was told that ideally I should attend but not necessarily as it's a civil matter. I was told that the hearing will definitely go ahead as the amount I offered (£150 a moth for 1st 3 months ) or as they see it, only 150 a month ongoing is unacceptable. I have been advised to write an e mail to them and CC the Solicitor representing them explaining that I will not be in the country and that I wold like a 'continuation'. Explain in detail but not too much detail my personal circumstances. If this is granted by the Sheriff then I would have to attend or get legal representation.
  13. Not far at all. About 11 miles away. I could go first thing Monday morning. Thank you so much
  14. I really hope so. I'll give them a call on Monday morning. So glad I came in here as I would have never known that I needed to be there! I will update you all. Again, thank you so much for your advice.
  15. Please as I have no option but to return home next week. Without going in to too much detail. my father is having a major operation which he may not pull through
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