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  1. Hi all In light of the Beavis result does that make all this dead in the water. Surely now whatever they are going to find in favour of the PPC whatever the circumstances or mitigation? Paul
  2. Thanks again do I need to state reasons or will ticking the box suffice? Paul
  3. Hi guys I have now had the rejection from Lps as predicted a generic letter with an appeal form and popla code. I now have to tick why I am appealing with reasons so do I just use the same arguments you have outlined above? Many thanks again in anticipation Paul
  4. Hi all I have now had the rejection as foreseen a generic letter with a popla code and appeal form. I now have to tick my reason for appealing and reasons so again advice would be appreciated. So far it seems everything is going the way you guys have predicted Regards Paul
  5. Thanks for great advice again armadillo and Ericsbrother will submit my appeal based on your responses and post when I receive the rejection!! Paul
  6. Hi all Have now had the NTK through the post dated 18th August so it seems they are in time. So am I right my next step is to appeal to them? And on what grounds do I appeal? Regards Paul
  7. Thanks for the advice much appreciated what would be the right arguments with POPLA sorry if I'm being dense first time in this situation?
  8. Is POPLA so cut and dry or does it depend on circumstances? I mean I believe the charge is ludicrous but will they see it the same way?
  9. Hi all Am new here and have joined for some advice about a parking charge I received today. The car park at the shopping centre where I work( Scott arms great Barr Birmingham) is run by local parking security ltd and charges 50p per hour every day 8am till 8pm. To be honest I think it's ridiculous anyway to charge until 8pm when there is about 10 shops and a pub( frequented by a few regulars daily) with 2 shops being open at this time ( both betting shops) the car park which probably caters for about 30 cars never has more than 10 in it even at weekends!
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