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  1. I hope not Conniff I will let you know how I get on in 45 days. I think I may have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the support and advice on this site. Many thanks
  2. It's maybe a bit early in posting this but I wanted to let you know, Debit Card Disputes have refunded money into my account due to me never receiving goods . Stemagenta have 45 days to respond so may still have a fight on my hands. It's been a long haul, but hopefully in 45 days it will all be over. I will keep you posted. Thank you for all your advice and support. Kind regards Feelsofoolish
  3. No it's mainly through Direct Card Disputes dx I was just advised to visit local branch, only visited it once.
  4. I will go back to my local branch as I am getting really despondent and just want it finished no matter what the outcome is as its taking over everything in my head at the moment. I know this is what Stemagenta and maybe Direct Card Disputes want and I must keep positive. I also copied most of your reply on FCA guidelines and used that in one of my emails to DCDisputes...this also has never been replied to. I appreciate your support dx Kind regards Feelsofoolish
  5. Yes dx I have and my bank have done this. I have also been asked to submit a summary as to why I think they were negligent and bringing my attention to, if an amount is pending in my account that means the bank has no way of stopping this amount leaving my account as this was the case on my account the bank was not negligent. I have brought to Direct Card Disputes attention so many times about Stemagenta's T&Cs stating, a signature is required on receipt but this has never been given recognition. I also worry reason it's taking so long is they are s
  6. A wee update on my ongoing issue with Stemagenta,/ Direct Card Disputes, an email I received this morning from Direct Card Disputes asking the same question asked on my first email, they may have used different wording, on 06/07/2015.at point of sale were you made aware of merchants terms & conditions? And ended with, If a response isn't received within 14 days we will assume the matter is resolved and will close my dispute! These people are fighting my case to resolve this matter. Stemagenta are not answering any of my questions on their support
  7. I have forwarded all this information to Halifax/Lloyds Direct Debit Card Disputes Conniff but last email I received from them last night not very encouraging. Regards Feelsofoolish
  8. I just hope Direct Card Disputes are as thorough as you in their research Connif and I don't end up the loser in this. They are not very encouraging in their emails of a hopeful result.
  9. They say it's in terms and conditions that they are not liable for loss or theft and it's my problem to sort out with courier. As courier left package in my garden shed its up to me to sort it. I then email pointing out that I noticed in T&C (a little late in reading them properly)that goods need a signature on receipt as I didn't receive them they won't have a signature. Not had a reply yet.
  10. Thank you again Conniff it is a great help to be armed with the support of all your research. I hope to take all this information back to my bank. I will certainly post outcome Regards Feelsofoolish
  11. Thank you for your feedback Conniff I was on Facebook and just took the advertised offer at 'face value' I believed I was getting a free product so was just happy to get free moisturiser wrinkles and all. And yes if only I had researched and if only I had read the terms and conditions but I didn't hence my name Regards Feelsofoolish
  12. I'm with Halifax and its Direct Debit Card at Lloyds that are dealing with it at the moment. They say as it was my Debit Card details that were handed over to them, for as I thought Postage and Packing, they had the right to access my account and take the funds. They are now trying to get my money back, as far as I know, on the grounds it was not clear or apparent what I was signing up to. So it's a matter of waiting. I called my bank on 06/07/2015 but it seems longer dx Regards Feelsofoolish
  13. Here's hoping my bank will find a a leak and get my money back renegadeimp Regard Feelsofoolish
  14. They are very good at what they do, I suppose that is still no excuse for allowing myself to be duped by this company. It's shocking to see how long they have been getting away with this . But as they keep reiterating to me, what they are doing is completely legal and they have watertight terms and conditions which I should have read properly for my 'Free Products'. Kind regards Feelsofoolish
  15. Thank you for your help SS I am new to this and am still reeling at what's happened. Kind regards Fif
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