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  1. Is that the PCN number? If so, yes there are two POPLA appeal forms that were sent to me.
  2. We are writing to advise you that your recent appeal has been unsuccessful due to the fact that parking tariffs apply at this car park. On further investigation our records show that insufficient time was paid for on the date of the parking event.
  3. I have been parking in a private car park which charged £3 for the day, unbeknown to me the car park became managed by Parking Eye and a tariff was put in place. I did not see anything to say that price was going to change and in my usual rush to get to work paid my £3 and went off to work as normal. Then one day I happened to notice a tariff on the wall of the car park as I had parked in a different place and saw that it had gone up to £4 for the day, I bought another ticket (so I ended up spending £7). Then a couple of weeks later I received two parking fines for two separate days from parking eye both for £60 if paid early. I appealed the fines as I don't see how they can charge me £120 for an honest mistake. They have not accepted my appeal. It's obvious it was a mistake and that I did not realise that the tariff had changed I did not see any notice and the signs are not very big. It's obvious my intention was to park for the full day. Can anyone help me with my appeal to popla please? I sent parking eye a picture of the two tickets that I purchased on the day that I realised the price had increased to try to show them it was an honest mistake and how could they justify charging me £120 when I had underpaid by £1 for each day! Thanks
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