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  1. Just got back from the garage and collecting my FULL refund They didn't even dispute it and I was all geared up for a showdown LOLThanks so much (yet again!) for your help xxxxx
  2. Oh, and its MOT is valid until July too, its not as if we went driving around in something that didn't have an MOT certificate. We've been told this morning that the Head Gasket has definitely gone, and the battery isn't holding charge any more either...so much so it was charged a full 24 hours and won't even tick over.Roll on Tuesday
  3. But they didn't tell me I was buying a scrapper at all, hence my frustration. In fact, they made out that I was getting the bargain of the century because the car was soooooo great- and his excat words were- 'its a great runner'- errrr does that imply to you its been sold for scrap? It was only after we had keys in hand and had handed over money that we received receipt that stated 'For Spares or Repair'. Why would I spend £510 on a car that is essentially junk metal? Anyway, letter has been written and sent, Chairman is the only one authorised to deal with a trade sale dispute apparently, and
  4. Thanks so much treacle! I have missed your sage advice and as always you're first in there helping x x
  5. Hello folks, Its been a while since I've been on here, and I was hoping (somewhat naively) that I would never have reason to come back...silly me We bought a car on Wednesday 6th February from a local garage, it was an emergency purchase as hubbys car had been written off the day before in an accident. It was £500, an N reg Daewoo Nexia with 80k on the clock. We were told it was a good runner and there was nothing wrong with it, that the gentleman whose car it was had bought it new from them 9years ago and had bought it back to part-ex for a newer car. They checked the oil and wat
  6. Pickle I haven't been on here in ages as have gone back to work after having 2nd baby, but just saw your response on here. AFAIK when is is to do with negligence with a child you have until their 18th birthday...but don't quote me, this could be a recent thing and not be applicable to your daughter. We narrowly escaped Traction with our daughter and my heart goes out to you, I cannot imagine how scray it muct have been and how awful The law firm I am using with this case is Irwin Mitchell and they have offices all over UK, it might be worth giving them a call I know I am by no means their
  7. As I type my Allocation Questionnaires and Draft Directions are printing next to me. Filing them today at court as its the only day I'll have chance between now and the 12th. Have to say I am LOVING the new AQ strategy, very cool indeed and looks like its shaking things up a bit nicely. Anyway, will keep you posted.
  8. Thanks so much GuidoT, you saved me oooooodles of hours of reading around Consider your scales tipped
  9. Wow, just read this whole thread, what can I say, GaryH, what a superstar! That is top notch AQ info and I'm loving the new requests. You have all been busy, I've only been gone a month! LOL
  10. Hi everyone! haven't been on here for ages. As you know I had a baby on Nov 1st so have been mightily busy, finally got the cash together to file hubbys Lloyds claim so here I am now I have more time and little one is settled into a routine. I have missed you all!!!!!!!! Defence received today from lloyds and allocation q has to be in by March 12th. Tomorrow I shall spend reading up on the latest to see what has changed RE Lloyds defence, but I'm guessing they're still dragging their heels and making it go as slowwwwwwww as possible? The defence seems pretty bog standard (yes he
  11. Oh my goodness I have could have written that review. Thanks for that Reidnet, think I'll send a prelim letter out after all.
  12. Payment Protection Plan was Barclaycard and Payment Break Plan was Monument. *Fingers Crossed!*
  13. Hiya, I consider myself 'old hat' at the bank charges now (lol) but am very new to the PPI thing. I have 2 credit cards from a couple of years ago, one has 'Payment Protection Plan' on a few of the statements (before I cancelled it) and the other has 'Payment Break Plan' (again before I got wise and cancelled it). Are these considered PPI? Is this claimable? I sincerely hope so, both credit limits were quite high and I was forking our a fortune for these 'plans' for a good 10 months or so. Cheers Mrs C. xxxx
  14. Didn't even need to send LBA, letter received today full offer. £150. Nice christmas bonus.
  15. Allocation hearing from what I can gather is merely when the judge decides (after speaking to you both I think) how much time to 'allocate' to your real hearing. (Welshman / anyone else plz correct if I am wrong?). I would personally get my bundle ready for that day, as it is best to be prepared in case the Judge asks you anything, have a folder with everything in, and then have plastic wallets behing every with 2 extra copies in (one for barclays solicitors and one for judge) so if you need to say 'I believe it will take X amount of time to hear the case as I have x and x and x I would l
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