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  1. Hi Everyone, I have now received a response from Parking Eye. I have attached the letter, with parts removed for confidentiality. Just a couple of points to clarify though; Parking Eye Response (Paragraph 3) - "You have stated that you were not the driver of the vehicle at the date of time of the breach of the terms and conditions of the car park" - We didn't, we just said the driver has a legitimate expectation of privacy. Parking Eye Response (Paragraph 5) - "We have the right to recover any unpaid part of the parking charge from you, the registered keeper." - My compan
  2. Hi. No reply from them yet. We'll see what happens. And yes, dates are all correct. Did they issue ticket too late?
  3. Just sent the above appeal, will update here with Parking Eye's response. Thanks for all help so far.
  4. Hi Everyone, Would appealing with the below suffice? ParkingEye; Reference: Regitration XX00 XXX Amount £XX.XX we have received your invoice. The driver has a legitimate expectation of privacy We will not therefore provide information about the individual in the absence of a letter signed by a senior company officer that will indemnify us for all costs resulting from the release of this information, including any legal advice that we will seek in advance Your alternative is to apply for the disclosure under Section 31.17 of the Civil Procedure Rules Compa
  5. Yes you're absolutely correct. VW Finance received the parking charge, and it was then sent to the company I work for. The company I work for is named on the letter. I'm afraid I don't have a PDF editor, only the PDF reader. Unless there is some other way of doing it? I have zoomed in and grabbed the text from the original PDF. Is this any better? see post 1
  6. VW Finance are the registered keeper, the company I work for are the lessee.
  7. Thanks Honeybee, I think I will appeal on their own website then and not tell them who the driver is at this point, if at all, pending further advice from here. Something along the lines of the below? Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in regards to your parking charge notice ref number XXXXXXXX. I wish to appeal on the basis that I do not believe the car in question was parked in the car park for the amount of time stated on your paperwork. The car was driven in at the time given, but was driven out and re visited the site numerous times during the day, and not on one occas
  8. Thanks very much reallymadwoman, As much as I admire your confidence, I'm afraid I don't have it myself and not sure what to do. I apologise for needing to be spoon fed here but is my first course of action to tell my company to identify the driver to them? Or refuse to? Ignore it? If they subsequently write to the driver, what do I appeal with? I see that I can appeal directly on the parking eye website, but it asks me to identify myself. Should I write that I am the driver or that I am 'none of the above'?
  9. Thanks very much for the reply. I have spoken to my company and they will be forwarding the original letter to me asap. Could I ask where you think they have made an error? Is it because the date of the parking is 17/06/2015, and the charge only given on 11/07/2015? Do they have 14 days or something? I wondered if I could be cheeky and ask if there is a template letter I can use so I can get the working exactly right. I wonder if there is any other input? I'm worried that I need to pay it today if I can't appeal.
  10. Hi Everyone, I wondered if you could help me. Is there anything I can do about this? It is due to be paid today to get the discount to £60, although is wasn't even issued until almost a month after the car was parked there! The driver of the vehicle was dropping off an M+S employee, the store is located in the same precinct as Morrisons, and the driver waited in the car (worked from it) until leaving later. No written confirmation of M+S giving authorisation to park there is available. Am I right in thinking these are not enforceable? Many Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply, I regularly check Experian and indeed pay them £14.99 for the privilege! I can see that I have 124 linked addresses (variations, repeats), and can confirm that every address I have ever lived at is listed. I guess that's all I can do? I've made an effort in the past to go through them and make sure they are accurate and correct dates etc.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have not attempted to hide from debts, and have paid back thousands over the years. However due to circumstances at the time, I didn't inform all creditors because I simply couldn't keep up with everything. The stress above, is a consequence of my nievity at the time, and I am simply trying to put situation right now, to avoid further action. I would say this is the opposite of 'hiding' from my debts. Thanks for your contribution though.
  13. Hi Everyone, I posted today regarding a CCJ that has been registered against me for an old Santander overdraft. After receiving advice I am going to ask for proof of the payment they say I made in 2009, and once I'm satisfied, I will pay it in full as I am trying to put ourselves in the best position for a mortgage and can't afford CCJs. My concern now is though, is if this one has found me from the past, will the others? I had an Egg Card, an MBNA Card, an HSBC personal loan, and a Capital One Card. The HSBC loan was with a DC for a while, and became statue barr
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