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  1. Well at it again with Vodafone, they have not cancelled one of my mobiles under contract even though the agreement end date was 14/04/2016 and despite me calling them in February, March and again on Friday. I have also been overcharged £18+ which is incorrect tried to dispute this and keep getting told I will get a call back but not.... what can I do from here.....???
  2. So they breach the contract with no implications effectively...?
  3. Thanks! That is what I thought, however, Mercedes are now saying because they can't find the same car they can't do anything to help us for now. They are actually ringing round their existing clients who have the same car we want but are coming to the end of they agreement to see if they want to upgrade/change their car. I know that they are trying to help but just not enough and I don't think it's fair. It was our first big purchase together and they have just taken all of the excitement away.
  4. Hi Me and my boyfried went into Mercedes last Friday, after spending almost 3 hours there we found a car (used 2 years old) we loved so we paid our order deposit of £500.00. We then left the garage expecting a phone call in a couple of days to go in and sign the finance papers and confirm when we can expect to pick up our new car as it would have to be delivered from one of their other garages. Later on the Friday we got a phone call to say that someone else was going to view the car on the Sunday who then bought the car. Mercedes now cannot find a car the same as th
  5. So fed up with it all and trying to get Lee to call you or trying to get through to him is like getting blood from a stone.
  6. Well Lee has again just created more problems told me my exchanged phone would be delivered yesterday between 8am & 6pm waited in all day and it never arrived!! I called Vodafone at 17:50pm to say that I was concerned that the phone had still not been delivered yet only to be advised that the delivery hours are between 8am & 8pm so again sat there waiting until 8pm and called Vodafone back to advise them that it has still not been delivered. I was then promised a call back at 9am this morning to re-arrange a delivery suitable to me, never received that phone call but just got
  7. Well I retract my previous statement about Lee, he has been in touch and been very helpful. The only person at Vodafone that has actually tried to help me! However, I have now received a letter from Vodafone to confirm that there was fraudulent activity on my account and that it has now been removed, the letter says nothing more. It states that my online Vodafone account was hacked and that diverts were put on my phone from my online account. Other than my very first phone call to Vodafone about the fraud I have been told that there were no diversions on my phone and that there never
  8. Well Lee @ Vodafone is a complete waste of time, told me to go into the store to sort my broken phone who then told me that they don't know why I was advised to come into store as they could not help. WASTE OF PETROL AND TIME!! As is everybody else at Vodafone that I have spoken with. My fraud case is still being looked into and I have been told that I cannot cancel my contract which is due to end in September until the fraud case has been resolved. I raised my fraud query with Vodafone on 9th July and have yet received any response or update. However, I am still paying for th
  9. Sorry this is the first time I have used the site. Thanks for all your help. Is there anything else I need to do at the minute? Thanks
  10. Hi I was wondering whether anyone has any good letter templates regarding a breach of data protection compliant against Vodafone. Basically, I tried to access my internet banking the other day only to be told that I was inputting the wrong password. I knew for a fact the password I was inputting was correct. After this failed a number of times I went online and tried to re-set my password with Lloyds bank. If anyone banks with Lloyds then they will know that in order to change your password for online banking they have to call you and you have to enter the 4 digit nu
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