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  1. I consider it unreasonable that they can make an application for you period, at least without discussing it with you, and offer no information as to what's going to happen at the appointment. Though for now, I'll just put up with it. Then discuss it with my JCP adviser, who's strangely enough an understanding guy. He gets it that certain things that are normal for some positions, are entirely useless for me given the fields I'm qualified for and doesn't ask me to enquire about them nor does he look any himself. I'll also have to bring it up with the WP providers themselves. We'll s
  2. Hi there, I've been on the Work Program for about a month, they're useless, but it's something I can put up with. For reference I only claim standard JSA. But that said, I've been sent (via post) of an action that I never actually made any formal agreement to. So I wonder, are WP providers legally able to make applications to anything (job fairs, training courses, or even actual jobs) without discussing them with you and without you agreeing to it? And what would be the best course of action to challenge (or prevent) any of these that possibly come up in the future? Cheer
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