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  1. Point 11 of Section 34 states however: Which surely applies if they have not complied with providing me that information?
  2. Ok, some new developments... I did eventually agree to take the bike back (I didn't want to be left in a position where I would owe these people yet more money). Today I received an email telling me that they were giving me a refund of £2295, but would not be refunding the money back to cyclescheme as they needed to cover the costs they incurred. These costs came to £900, which by an amazing twist of fate is the exact same amount they received from cyclescheme. The (laughable) breakdown of costs is follows: 2 x Used bike deduction 150 miles £400.00 2 x Delivery and Pick up £200.00
  3. Thanks for the reply! That is my conclusion also. They are, however, claiming that no cooling off period exists due to me having ridden the bike (weekly commute of 150 miles) before I decided to return it due to the issues. This is, of course, utter fantasy on their part. Does anyone have any views on the storage costs they are attempting to impose and built me into taking the bike back in the process? Should I inform the court/judge of this? Cheers Tim
  4. Thanks for your reply. I did think about SOGA and have used it successfully in the past, but the burden of proof falls on the consumer. Given these clowns are the only authorised dealers in the UK, getting an independent assessment is tricky to say the least. The issues I encountered (it's an electric bike and the motor would completely seize for a few seconds whilst riding - dangerous) happen infrequently, so getting evidence of that would be very difficult indeed. Like I said, I would have accepted their offer if that had been on the table from the outset, as like you say, it is re
  5. Hi, If anyone can offer me any advice on this, I would be very grateful! I entered into a contract with with 50cycles.com for the sale of a Kalkhoff Endeavor S11 Premium for £3295 and duly paid on 16/03/2015 (£2295 debit card and £1000 cyclescheme voucher). The sale for the item was finalised over the phone. At no point since the sale and now have I received any information in durable format that details what my cooling off period is or about my right to cancel, which the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 requires them to do (as I understand it). The bike
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