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  1. I though perhaps making a different thread might help me to get some responses. Apologies. An update, and another plea for help. During the preliminary hearing, the respondent got to spend an hour reading my statements, didn't give me theirs, and ensured that the deadline for statements is now December giving them tonnes of time to change their statements to contradict mine!! I've written to the court asking them to strike out the respondents evidence, going to far quite possibly but it seems crazy to me that experienced barristers should be allowed to be so underhand and just get away with! Thus jeopardising my case and preventing justice from being done.
  2. So I attended the second preliminary hearing yesterday, in which the respondent (who have a new, very good barrister) tried to get me to agree to splitting the hearing and doing litigation in one then remedy in another. I didn't sgree, I felt that they were trying to get the upper hand in doing this. I heard the barrister tell his client that 'it would be a lot cheaper.' What did he mean? Is that that he thinks he can win and not have the second hearing or is it that they would have attempted to settle before a full hearing and this way they would settle with a decision and possibly win. After I refused to go ahead with it. The judge raised the question of judicial mediation, the barrister didn't know if his client wanted to do this and asked for 7 days for a decision. Am I right in being positive at this? To add detail, my claim is for whistleblowing and I have extremely strong evidence.
  3. But how would this help if I have never paid I to a union? Surely they wouldn't help me.
  4. So I'm recieved a date for a preliminary hearing which is on Monday, the employer has contacted me with a list of questions that they require with a deadline of Friday. So I am on that now. What can I expect to happen at the hearing? Also, the employer sent me a request for information, with a deadline of the 20th June. They sent me a letter and an email with this request. The letter wasn't recieved until the 21st June. They haven't sent me the ET3 officially, although their solicitor emailed me with a copy of it on the bottom of something else. I fear that they are trying to be underhand in the hope that I miss something and they can use this to get the case struck out! They are complete crooks. Could anyone advise me on the best thing to do.
  5. It's 8. I have to count every time I log in! I didn't, the industry is a very unique one and we have struggled to find a union that would represent us. One that the company would recognise.
  6. I have prepared this today. Which is to be submitted to them by 4pm Monday. I have asked for more than is realistic under injury to feelings, and more generally than I would expect as I am sure that they will want to settle out of court so would like some wiggle room to negotiate. Although for the loss of earning etc I have been exact as it is in the template that you sent. Do you think overestimating could hinder things?
  7. Sadly not, as I didn't know that this was the case.
  8. HELP! I have claimed unfair dismissal following whistleblowing and have a 3 days hearing scheduled in September. Due to funds I didn't take on a solicitor, but I am very scared that I have bitten off more than I can chew and will ruin my case due to inexperience. I have had support previously from CAG but in honesty have never been in a position to make a donation, if anyone can help my I will make a donation of whatever I can afford. So the situation, i was dismissed, 5 days before my 2 years service for a completely unfounded, ridiculous allegation of gross misconduct. I was actually suspended immediately after a grievence hearing which I had raised regarding my bad treatment whilst I was signed off work following and assault in the workplace. I was dismissed in my absence as I was infit to attend the disaplinary meeting and they refused to reschedule it. I had prior to this made a disclosure, first an internal one through the correct internal channels, then to the licensing body because my concerns where dismissed which heightened my concerns and made things 100x worse. I know that they know it was me, and I have this in writing. As to I have emails in which HR and senior management discussed me and plans to dismiss me. I also have notes of meetings about me which were held incorrectly and which were unfair and literally just going through the motions. I appealed my dismissal on the grounds of whistleblowing and this was dismissed, although they waited until 3 days before the 3 months tribunal deadline to inform me of this. I am now in a position where I need to send information as to what remedy I am asking the tribunal to award, this needs to be recieved by 4pm Monday and in honesty I don't know what to write nor how to word it. Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. I have been suspended for 'facilitating a drug deal' complete rubbish. Based on someone who has left giving a statement the day before my suspension and nothing at all else.
  10. So, as a follow on from this. I attended the grievence meeting, with a companion. It all went well. Then when the meeting was concluded, I was suspended for the most ridiculous thing possible. Security came in, interviewed me, and suspended me. Whilst on the sick for work related stress, and during a grievence for the shambolic handling of the absence. I raised a grievence on the advice of ACAS about the way in which I was suspended and how this will affect me and how my current mental state will make the disaplinary meeting difficult and how it should've been left until my return. To work. I have today been informed, that me grievence and disaplinary will be held in the same meeting!!!! How on earth this is a fair grievence I don't know?! They are trying to get rid of me before my 2 years of employment.
  11. Just to clarify. I was specifically told that there would be only me and The area manager present at the meeting, then he brings someone that I have history with and whom is a shameless gossip. Also, regarding the contact. I was off for 2 weeks following the assault. Then I spent a further 2 weeks trying to contact my area manager to arrange a return, I could have of course just returned, but that would be to a very dangerous working environment and I was trying to get a temp move. I emailed, called and contacted others trying to get him to reply to me. To no avail. I then contacted HR to ask them to help me sort it, they sent me the invite. The first time I spoken to him was at the meeting. He ignored me when I walked into the shop, made me feel awful. Then I went up for the meeting, and he had her there. I asked if I had a choice in her attendance, he said no. I ended up in tears and leaving the room before composing myself and returning. I have another meeting on 1st August in which he has now officially said that she will be attending. I have asked for a companion also. No reply as yet.
  12. I wanted a to, and tried to return to work following 2 weeks off. Then after the treatment since, and things that have come to light, the last thing I want is to go back. I've relocated my family for this job, it will cost me dearly to leave and I love my job. I feel so pushed out, but I can't return.
  13. Hi all, I am currently off work with work related stress. Things are just horrendous at work with management just making up their own rules. I was invited to a welfare meeting by my area manager (following him ignoring my emails asking to return to work for 3 weeks). In the invite it didn't mention that anyone else would be present. I arrived at the location, was blanked by the 3 employees present, DM included. Then was called to the meeting by a staff member who I have had issues with. I asked my DM if she would be present and why I wasn't informed, he said that it was standard procedure to have a note taker (so why not write it in the email?!) I left the room in tears, couldn't breath and didn't want to go back in. In the end I did, and the 'note taker' didn't write down half of what I said, and I wasn't asked to sign the 'notes'. I've called HR and they spoken to the DM and they say that there's nothing I can do, that she will be present in the next meeting as this is his choice not mine. I don't want her there! Or anyone else for that matter. There is no confidentiality and I don't want anyone knowing my private business.
  14. I was already suffering the affects of work related stress and was on the edge before this happened. I have been treated terribly at work and things are not being done correctly. For example, I attended a welfare meeting yesterday. The invite said it would be only the District manager present, instead he showed up with another person. Thus making me feel attacked before the meeting had began! That coupled with the discovery that morning that my sicknote had been forwarded to others (who I have raised a grievance about) for no explainable reason... I don't want to go back. I couldn't imagine anything worse at the moment.
  15. I am currently of work. Awaiting the results of the test and am receiving SSP.
  16. A customer bit his lip and spat a mouthful of blood in my face. He was arrested and the police informed me the following day that he has HIV. The company ignored the advice of police and put money over the safety of staff by refusing to install the correct safeguards. Namely protective screens and a magnetic lock. Other shops in the area have this, and the one two doors down does also.
  17. I don't know what' is relevant. I don't want to go back to work. I am attending a meeting tonight with my area manager to discuss my absence, and I just wanted some advice on the likelihood of them paying me off to leave quietly. I am already out of pocket from this due to not being paid whilst off sick but cannot continue to be off Indefinitely but cannot see a way in which I can return.
  18. I meant to say 'employer' in the part saying who's fault it was.
  19. Hi all. I was assaulted at work little over a month ago, this was entirely the fault of my employer as they didn't take the required steps to ensure staff safety. Despite many complaints from the team. I haven't been to work since and have been signed off with work related stress. My employers haven't contacted me at all during this time and the meeting is at my request follow contact that I made with HR. I don't want to return to work. I want them to to pay me off to leave, obviously signing away any rights to a claim for PI or anything else. How likely is this?
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