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  1. Hey bud, I have done the letter and will be posting it tomorrow. I will keep you updated when I hear back from them. Thanks once again and have a good one!
  2. Hi there, First of all thanks for the reply, I wish the world was full of people like you guys and not money grabbing CRS. I did notice that the threads were saying not to pay the charges that they'd put on. I'm afraid I don't know the monthly membership fee as I don't have any of the old details from back in 2012, all I have now is that original letter from CRS. Should I try contacting the gym? If so what should I say? The last payment I made was on the 19/06/2015. Thanks again, Rich
  3. Hello I used to live in the midlands (now in york) and took out a gym membership back in April 2012 with the windmill village and golf course. I fell into a long term illness (just got over it) after being with the gym for about 3 months. I ended up having to leave my job and the last thing on my mind was the gym so I failed to pay the membership. After another month or so I got a letter from the infamous CRS demanding I paid the £430.56 in membership fees I still owed but because I couldn't pay in time I rang them and told them I could only afford to pay £10 a month. They agreed but then
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