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  1. Thanks, So there will be court proceedings too ! Then this guy may turn up and further delay the process then
  2. Thanks everybody for your suggestions ! Last not the least ; Are you aware of 3 months time frame been informed by my insurance?? Do we have to really wait for three months? What exactly happens just after 3 months when third party fails to respond?
  3. Do I still need to pay for increased insurance premium? 1) it is not my fault at all 2) third party is not making any claim ( not even responding !) 3) why and how should I lose my no claim discount and my insurance premium is increased???
  4. Sorry ! Forgot to mention ! My insurance told me that we will have to wait until 3 months before any decisions are made (another 10 days now) ! If there is still no response for three months ! Then there would be a court case etc ! I do not understand what is right or wrong ! So much confused !
  5. Sorry ! He has given me his name etc on a piece of paper
  6. Yes, he have me his name, phone number and name of company he worked for. I passed the information along with the registration and other details of the van to my insurance. They told me that the van had business insurance with my insurer too
  7. Hi, yes absolutely right. As the third party has not made any claim or not even responded to our allegations until 2 months 20 days of the accident. How come I am losing my no claim discount? My claim is just an information to them , even there is no monetary claim or no repair done to my car. That guy who has not reported an accident to his insurance and even not responded to an allegation made for such a long time. He is enjoying and is violating the law but I am paying for the consequences of the accident. Punishment for being a good citizen. It is swiftcover car insurance. I did
  8. Hi, thanks for your suggestion. It was a flyover roundabout and he was cutting from right lane to left lane with high speed as there was red traffic light just in front of us. He hit me then as I stopped there became a gap in front of me in my lane. He even hit a car infront of me on the back too but probably no damage to that car. He just spoke to van driver, checked his car and left the scene.
  9. Hi everyone, I met an accident in mid April 2015. It was a van who hit me from right. It was at a very busy roundabout. There was a police patrol car and motorbike (waiting for someone else may be!) a few hundreds yards from our accident scene. I walked up to the police and informed them that my car was hit by a van. The police did not get down from their vehicle and instructed me to exchange our details ( so there is no police reference number or anything). I took driver's detail ( he wrote on a piece of paper his name, ph number which he said some company he worked for and its number).
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