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  1. Hi Conniff yes its on hire purchase. The amount is for £412.00 i did offer her £200.00 as this is all i can get. She declined it and said she can only bring it down to £312.00. I know the debt needs to be paid but unfortunately i don't have that extra £112.00. Just looking at other options at the moment. I did find this article on the internet. Bailiffs and police officers try to tell you that you commit an offence under Section 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971. This is NOT true. The law actually says - "A person who without LAWFUL EXCUSE - destroys or damages any property bel
  2. Hi Bazza Yes i do not own the car. And thanks about for the advice on the access to entry.
  3. Hi All I am a first time poster. I had a charge for not paying my fine for the congestion charge, and tbh have let the thing snowball to the point that Task enforcement arrived this morning and clamped my car on private property (driveway) and sneakily slipped a bit of paper and drove off. I did ring them and offered to pay half the fine as this is all i have. But heh hoo they denied it. Points. The car is on finance I did and always have a removal of implied access of entry. She acknowledged this when i told her. Thank you for time.
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