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  1. Thankyou both for your advice citizenB where will i find the CAG spreadsheet? thankyou.
  2. Hello my first time posting here so i hope i have posted in the right place ect. Basically i have been with perfect homes since 2012 and never had any problems, probably because we had never missed any payments. Until earlier this year when i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder,which has been a very hard and stressful time for me and my family. So i have 2 problems with perfect homes that i would like some advice about 1) i have named my partner on my account and put a password on my account that only me and my partner know, i have done this due to my mental health at times i am not able to handle my own finances and rely heavily on my partner to do so, however they still refuse to let my partner pay my bill? therefore if i am unable to pay it i am ending up in arrears, what can i do about this so they have to let my partner pay on my behalf? secondly we have our own home insurance we had had since 2013 i took my insurance policy down when i first got it and they photocopied it no problem, i also took it again when i renewed my home insurance in december of last year, however i recently (on one of my good days) sat down with all my PH agreements and worked out that we are paying an extra £11 a week for their insurance, so we told them they said they had no record of my home insurance (convient) so the store manager came to our house and took pictures of our insurance policy that was months ago and STILL they havent removed the insurance of our account, when we asked why the store manager said the picture he took of our insurance policy was poor quality and we would have to take the policy in store AGAIN. Now i could be wrong but my thinking here is surely that is not my fault? it is his responsibilty to make sure the picture is of good enough quality and either way he has seen it so he knows it exsists? I know it is only 11 pound but it adds up over all those weeks, we have paid over a 1/3 off our goods, I would love any ideas of how i can get away from perfect homes i have looked at many options but i cant afford even to buy the goods second hand and if i saved up for them we would be without essentials whilst i saved? i understand that it may not be possible to get away from them but im hoping there is something i have not thought of! Any advice would be greatly received. thankyou for taking the time to read this.
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