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  1. No, I don't need to order from them ever again, which is what I find puzzling - surely they must be aware that if they pursue me to the point of liquidation they're very unlikely to get much at all? At least at the mo I'm trying to pay off the entire amount, though it may take until the beginning of November. I would have thought that that must be infinitely better than nothing, for them.
  2. Thanks for your reply. So, if I continue to make payments direct to the supplier which effectively means that DS haven't collected, can I ignore their "collection charge"? In fact, can I ignore them altogether?
  3. Thanks for that - good to have some reassurance!
  4. Hi everyone - I'm new to this, so please forgive if I don't get it right first time. I run a small business from home which I set up 25 years ago, and which became a limited company two years ago. Some difficulties in the first few years, but no problems at all for the last twenty, until a year ago when my husband suffered a stroke (June last year). I admit I took my eye off the ball for several months, and sales took a downward turn, with the result that payments to our suppliers had to be delayed. My husband has made a good recovery, though still not back to normal (and may never be) but I am, I think, back on track and pushing the business back to where it ought to be. Most of our suppliers have shown a kindness and understanding way beyond what I could have expected, but one has taken the heavy hand and is pushing for all that we owe via a debt collector - Daniels Silverman. I've seen several references to DS on this site, but nothing recent and wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them lately? I've offered our supplier repayments of £450 per month starting in August with extra payments as and when I could manage (amount outstanding was just over £2500 when I made the offer) so that the debt would be cleared by the end of the year, but they refused - this was before DS were involved. I've since made two payments, one of £649 and one of £285, so that the debt now stands at about £1750 , but DS are still insisting on an amount about £500 in excess of that - "collection payment", they say. Please can anyone help with the following: Are they entitled to charge a £500 "collection charge"? I'd prefer to have no dealings with DS (they've telephoned once and it was fairly unpleasant) - can I/should I continue to make payments direct to the supplier? If I continue to make payments to the supplier until I've settled all his invoices, can they still hassle me? Thanks in advance for any help!
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