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  1. Hi guys, I used to be a lodger at someone’s house and he handed me a letter yesterday (100817) in my name dated 1 May 2017 titled NHS dental treatment charges - penalty charge. I went for a check up at a dentist on 4 March and they are claiming that I ticked the box for HC2 exemption for free NHS treatment (unsure – just wanted it over with as I was in agony at the time with toothache) It lists the payment as £53.90 treatment charge £100 penalty charge It also states on the back that if you are included in an award for Universal Credit (UC) and you had no earnings for the last complete assessment period of £435 or less then the NHS will cover the cost I have just ring UC and they told me my claim was closed on 170717. I have asked them to send me this as a letter (again landlord’s address) and they told me they would in 2nd class post. However I have no idea about the amount of earnings in the assessment period. Can someone clarify that if I did earn over £435 then I would be liable? I am wondering whether I should get involved with this at all. The person I lived with is extremely unreliable and for all I know this penalty may have increased or I have received further letters in my name there. I no longer require dental treatment and have moved on from this now. Please advise whether I should contact them? I do not want to dodge the system but I have moved away from the city and even getting mail from him is difficult now Thanks LP
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