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  1. I should have realised that I had used the company name and I won't do so again. The word Apprentice is plastered all over the contract and I have a whole folder filled with documents that have been signed by both my old manager and new manager. I have apprentice learning progress reviews and a separate apprenticeship agreement that I made sure to get in case they didn't honour my apprenticeship contract. I honestly don't think it's fair what they've done and I'm hoping that I have enough evidence to be able to hold them accountable for that.
  2. I was enrolled on an advanced level 3 Ict apprenticeship working for xxx. In my interview I was told that I would be building computer systems, installing and maintaining software and dealing with computer repairs. I was also told that up until Christmas time I might have to work in the warehouse for one week every month as they were understaffed in that department. It was November at the time and I agreed as I was desperate to find a placement and this company seemed perfect for what I wanted. I signed a contract with them saying that I was to work there for 12 months and that I was entitled
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