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  1. hi, no none of that is an issue, im just over tired due to working a lot and being depressed, ive found i just cannot keep going to the gym - im also struggling to keep up the payments as my car is eating into all my money. thanks
  2. vax are pretty good at replacing their hoovers when they break down and usually send a new one within a week.
  3. can you help me please, i have a 12 month contract with gym4all (harlands) and cannot afford to carry it on, im only 2 or 3 months left in the contract...... ive cancelled the direct debit and a day later got a letter saying im being charged £25 admin for this and i have to pay this and the £25 monthly charge and reset the direct debit up......... i really cannot afford this, can you help me please? thanks
  4. can you tell me if this could be used for a 12 month contract where you have cancelled the direct debit as i cannot afford to go anymore? theyve sent me a letter saying i must pay the dd and £25 admin charge and reset the dd up
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