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  1. Firstly my money claim was completed online 18/08 they had till the 06/09 to respond. So have refunded very promptly. Secondly just keep your nerve you wont see the inside of a court room I am sure! they will refund you soon. I opened my account on its own with NatWest and didnt tell nationwide so no involvement from them, they have not yet said to me about closing my flex account so not sure if they will as yet. Chin up keeping going just keep heels dug in I say !!!!! Please note that I am not a legal expert and all advice given is without prejudice and is purely my opinion
  2. Hi this is what i put in my particulars; The claimant held a current account (type of account and account number) with the defendant since (date opened account) Between (first charge date) and the (last charge date) the defendant made various deductions from the account in respest of : 'debit under advice' (levied if a direct debit/standing order payment returned unpaid because the specified overdraft limit had been exceeded) If the defendant is able to establish that the contract between the claimant and the defendant did contain terms purporting to entitle the defendant to levy t
  3. Thank you!!!!! Have just checked this morning have been paid £120 back today just alittle short of the whole amount still, am so pleased though!!!!
  4. :D :o I have just checked my account and discovered a correction has been made not the whole amount however a start!!!!!!!!!! Had followed temps on here and took advice!! The system works!!! I didnt give up even when it looked like not working ignored the letters etc kept going paid £120 for the claim online as advised and that was served and now the money is coming thank you thank you!!!!! date of the first letter sent (data request) 12th July 2006 first amount refunded 30th August wooooooohoooooooo:p advice to anyone just dig your heels in and go for it!!!!!!
  5. well I have done everything to the the letter and I have in my hand a letter from a one Richard Sear Member Relations Manager telling me he will look at my complaint and he has 8 weeks to do so blah blah blah having read others this is to be ignored and still steam ahead with the claim via moneyclaim online so thats my next step........ I am just about to have a baby though (am due 27th of this month) and wish i could get away with calling him and saying come lets save each others time and pay up!!!!!!!!! however worried he will think i am bluffing about putting claim in any thoug
  6. thank you for your reply, yes i did use the template from the library and well within the 40 days. Have checked on-line and the interest in question looks like being just a few pounds so i am just going to write asking for the amount listed! am tempted to try asking by telephone to make it quicker though only because I am due to have my baby in a couple of weeks!!!! will let you if i do and get anywhere!!! thanks again
  7. I have a reply to the data letter, just the one page and on this a list of charges that have been charged to me from Nov 02. So I cant see if any interest has been charged, I have never been allowed an overdraft so I am guessing that at some point this would have made me go into an un-auth overdraft that will have had interest added no yes??? have they then sold me short on the amount of info etc?? it has no description of what the charges are eg failed direct debts etc So what do i do send next letter asking for the flat £982.00 to be refunded or call and ask what the interest etc arghhhh
  8. Just called my bank (nationwide) thought i would try the nice telephone request someone said they charge £5 per statement so would be £300 odd for 6 years what do i do now!!!?????:o :o :confused:
  9. Thank you both for your words of support and help, have requested via the web site email my statements in the first instance toe in water and have applied online for step account with natwest so I have started. With a baby due this is fantabulous if I all goes according to plan!!!!
  10. I am wanting to claim a fortune back from Nationwide no surprise there!!! The thing is I am on maternity leave and have no job have direct debits and rent that need to be paid each month (like everyone I'm sure) so don't want to cause too much disruption to the now settled order of things. How can I do this and keep on top? I also have a very bad past so credit is a swear word to be honest not sure where to get a bank account to jump to as have seen pre threads and this is something that needs doing in the process. So how can I get an account without a regular wage going in have ma
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