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  1. Thank you Andyorch. When I view MCOL, all I am shown is the following, attached. Interestingly, it's not dated.To-CAG-11-11-21.pdfTo-CAG-11-11-21.pdfTo-CAG-11-11-21.pdfTo-CAG-11-11-21.pdf I can remember seeing somewhere in the past a chronological record of events but it's nowhere to be seen now. The PM i sent you is from the settlement agreement which has all the details. (I think you've got the pdf four times... I'm not shouting!)
  2. Thank you for the link to your upload guide. This has been most helpful as I can now see info on how to use the site in general. It's clear and helpful when you get there but its a hell of a job finding it for a beginner!
  3. Andyorch, Thank you for your reply. I am trying to send you a PM with some detailed information but can find absolutely no information on how to do this anywhere on the site. The FAQS seem to be blocked as if I have not registered. But I can login OK, surely this means I have registered - or are these different things? i've spent nearly an hour trying to sort this, sorry to be rather negative about the site., it's not for the want of trying! If I attach a file with the paperclip, will this becom public or is this for PM's.
  4. I took the company Elbec Limited ( a supplier of Garden Buildings) through the small claims court procedure. At the mediation phase, they agreed to pay me a sum of money (£100) within one week. They have not paid (no surprise there) and now it seems I have the choice of a CCJ or reinstating the claim. I now have to complete "FORM N244 Application Notice" which has guidance notes but it is totally incomprehensible to me. I went to Citizens Advice and appointments are way into the future. I have no idea of the implications of the alternatives of CCJ and going back to the court. You have to enclose a fee, but would I be able to reclaim this if I won the case? Do I need a solicitor at this stage? Any general pointers would be gratefully appreciated.
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