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  1. Hi this is my first post and I'm in some need of advice please.


    I owe Anglian Water around £1700 and they have passed the debt onto Marstons, who ill be honest, we have ignored!


    As you can imagine they have added their fees and now the bill is for £2753!


    They have obtained a high court writ against us that is dated 8/1/2015.

    They have called at our property several times but fortunately we haven't been at home.


    The last letter we received from them said that as the judgement remains unsatisfied,

    further enforcement will no doubt be taken against us,

    and this may take the form of a garnishee order against our accounts,

    a charging order against any equity in any property

    , an attachment of earnings order if you are employed

    or in certain circumstances, bankruptcy.


    The thing is I can get hold of enough money to pay Anglian water the original £1700

    but I can't afford to pay the £2700 that Marstons want!



    I rang Anglian water and offered to pay what I owe,

    but after the girl spoke to the debt recovery team, I was advised that any payments should be made to Marstons, as they are handling the account.



    I told them that my partner is pregnant and that we can't afford to pay what Marstons want

    and that we would just like to clear our account with yourselves today to get it over

    and done with as the stress is really starting to affect my partner who is 6 months pregnant.

    And again they said we had to deal with Marstons :(


    Could somebody please advise me on what to do next?

    If I could have paid it sooner I would have done,

    but I already have attachments on my earnings and really can't afford anymore.



    I was unemployed for quite a while and got into lots of trouble financially.



    I have managed to sort all of them except this one.


    Thanks in advance

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